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Track Your Submitted Invoices

The Tracking screen allows you to view where an invoice is in the approval process and track the history of changes made to it. This screen can be accessed via the Submitted Invoices screen or the Approvals Needed screen.

Access via Wide-Screen Device

Click on the invoice you want to track, then click TRACKING in the preview pane.

With the Approvals Needed screen, you may need to expand the width of your browser window to reveal the TRACKING button, or click the three dots icon to reveal it in the drop-down menu.

Access via Narrow-Screen Device

Click the invoice you want to track.

The preview will slide in to replace the Submitted Invoices or Approvals Needed screen. Click the three dots icon, then click TRACKING in the drop-down menu.

Invoice Tracking

The Tracking screen displays all the current steps of the approval routing process and the routing rule or reason for that step. If this view is blank, the invoice has successfully completed all approval routing and is in either an Approved, Exported, Paid, or Partially Paid status.

Click SHOW PROJECTED to view the future routing path of the invoice. Click HIDE PROJECTED to hide the future path.

Click a routing step to view complete details about that step.

View Paid Invoice Data

You may view details about invoice payments by clicking the Paid, Partially Paid or Exported label next to the Invoice Amount on the Submitted Invoices Preview screen. A pop-up window will display such data as Paid Date, Paid Amount, Check Number and Bank ID.

Recall Invoice

Recall Invoice Routing allows invoice creators and requesters to recall pending invoices that appear in their Submitted Invoices list or in their My Invoices Inquiry report. Recalling an invoice will reset routing and send it to the creator's or requester’s Invoice Approvals Needed list, but any previously added notes will remain on the invoice.

  • Note that only pending invoices can be recalled; fully approved invoices cannot be recalled.

If your organization has implemented this feature, it will be enabled when you select an eligible report.

1. Click the Pending invoice in the Submitted Invoices list, then click RECALL in the preview pane.

2. Click RECALL in the confirmation pop-up message and the invoice will be sent to your Invoice Approvals Needed list.

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