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Create Invoices via Chrome River's CAPTURE Service

Chrome River CAPTURE automates the front-end receiving, handling, digitizing, and data entry process for all of your company's vendor invoices. As an add-on to the Chrome River INVOICE application, this service eliminates the handling and manual data processing of invoices and lowers costs through increased efficiency.

With Chrome River CAPTURE, your vendors simply send their invoices to a dedicated PO box or email address, and Chrome River CAPTURE handles the rest. All invoices are gathered, transferred to the secure processing center, opened, cleared of non-pertinent documents, and scanned. If CAPTURE receives a vendor email with no valid invoice PDF, you will receive an email notification so that you can alert the vendor to the invalid file.

Once the invoice has been saved as an electronic image, data extraction begins. Utilizing Optical Character Recognition (OCR), key invoice data including the vendor, invoice date, amount, currency, requester and more are automatically extracted from the document and saved. If your organization uses Chrome River's Default Template functionality, line items can be created automatically during the CAPTURE process. Standard data-extraction rules are used to ensure quality and consistency, and a double quality-control process with automated and human verification is executed to deliver a 99.5% accuracy rate. The extracted data is then recorded along with the associated invoice image.

After clearing the CAPTURE handling and processing stages, your invoices are delivered securely and directly to the Chrome River INVOICE service within one day of receipt. Initial automated routing steps can also be launched so that your invoices are delivered immediately to the correct AP or approval individuals for expedient processing. The CAPTURE processing center will then securely store your invoice documents for 30 days before they are shredded.

To add Chrome River CAPTURE, submit a request via the Chrome River Help Desk.

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