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Group Travel Agency Data By Trip

Chrome River offers the ability to import travel bookings made by your corporate travel agency (e.g., airline, rail, hotel or rental car reservations) directly into EXPENSE. Your organization may choose to have this data grouped by trip so that users can easily file expense reports for a single trip. All transactions and emailed receipts that fall between the start and end dates of a trip will automatically be grouped into one trip when the data is sent to Chrome River by the travel agency. Additionally, any credit card charge associated with a travel item will automatically be merged with that item, where possible.

Viewing Trips

From the Add Expense screen, click TRIPS.

Alternatively, you may navigate to the ALL items list and select TRIPS from the Group By: drop-down menu.

Click the arrow next to the Items total to see every transaction included in a trip.

Click MERGED DETAILS on an item to see the original credit card charge and travel item that were merged to create one transaction.

Adding Trips to a Report

To add all items in a trip to an expense report, click the check box next to the Items total and click the + button to add the entire trip to your report. The total number of items being added is shown just below the button.

You may also check individual items within a trip and uncheck items that may have been added to the trip automatically but are not part of the expense report you are creating. Each item being added will open, sequentially, to allow you to edit or add to its details and respond to any compliance warnings or violations. Click SAVE and the next item will open.

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