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Track Your Submitted Expense Reports

Once your report has been submitted, you may track it throughout the approval process.

Accessing Tracking Information

From the Submitted Expense Reports grid, click on the desired expense to preview it. Then click TRACKING in the preview.

On smaller screens, click the expense to open a preview, then click the *** button and select TRACKING from the drop-down list.

Viewing Tracking Information

You will see a list of every item on the report and its status. For hotel expenses, click the arrow on the left to view the status of each itemized expense.

Report Statuses

  • Pending: Expense report has been submitted and is awaiting approval
  • Returned: Approver has sent the expense report back to the expense owner for adjustment
  • Approved: Expense had been approved but has not yet been exported
  • Exported: Approved expense has been sent to payment processing
  • Paid: Expense has been reimbursed
  • Partially Paid: Part of the requested expense amount has been reimbursed

Click an item to see where it is in the approval process, including the approver to whom it is currently assigned, the date, and the rule that triggered the assignment.

Clicking each Routing Steps circle will show you complete details for that step, including such Payment Data as the Bank ID and check number for paid expenses.

Once a report has been exported, you will be able to see the export date and time on the Report Tracking screen.

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