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Recall an Expense Report to Draft Status

Recall Expense Routing allows expense owners and their delegates to return any expense report to Draft status as long as none of the line items have been fully approved. All line items must be in Pending approval status in order to recall the expense report. If your organization has implemented this feature, it will be enabled when you select an eligible report.

  • Any notes in the header or on the line items will be preserved.
  • Any attached pre-approval will be retained.
  • When the expense is resubmitted, any approvers who participated in partial approval of the original expense will need to reapprove.

For information on recalling a fully exported report, see Expense Management Dashboard.

Note: Recall Expense Routing differs from the Reset Routing feature available to administrators. See Expense Report Tracking Admin Screen for more details.

1. Select the report in the Submitted Expense Reports list or the Returned Expense Reports List and click RECALL in the preview.

2. You will be asked to verify that you wish to send the report back to the Draft Expense Reports list. Click YES.

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