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View Inquiry Reports on Expense Activity

The Inquiry Dashboard allows you and your delegates to perform quick inquiries on all your activity by category. Depending on your organization's configuration, these may include expense reports, expense items, delegates, calendar, credit card items, firm-paid items, approvals, cash advances, and paid expenses.

To access inquiry reports, click the MENU button in the upper left corner and then click INQUIRY.

You will see a list of inquiry reports, grouped by application (EXPENSE, INVOICE, etc.), created by your organization to give a snapshot of the activity in each category and allow you to quickly find specific information.

Select an expense in the list of results and the DOWNLOAD PDF button will appear. You may choose to download...

  • Cover Page: Provides a summary of the expense with a bar code and a QR code used when scanning the original receipts.
  • Full Report: Provides a summary and details of the expense with a bar code and a QR code.
  • Full Report with Notes & Receipts: Provides details of the expense report items, notes, a bar code, a QR code and images of the receipts attached to the report.
  • Full Report with Receipts: Same as above, without the notes.
  • View Receipts: View just the receipt images attached to an expense report.

Available Inquiry Reports

My Expense Reports List of expense reports created within a specified date range
My Expense Items List of itemized expenses within a specified date range
My Delegatees List of people you have entered unsubmitted expenses for
My Expense Calendar List of expenses shown in a calendar view
My Items List of itemized expenses that were created from offline transactions, cash advances, emailed receipts, mobile transactions and credit card transactions
My Firm-Paid Items Itemized list of expense transactions that are paid for by the firm
My Expense Approvals Expense items that have been or are your responsibility to approve
My Paid Expenses List of expenses that have been paid
Cash Advance List of your cash advances
My Expense Pre-Approvals Lists all the pre-approvals created by the logged-in user
My Pre-Approval Approvals Lists all pre-approvals assigned to an approver in every stage of the approval process: approved, returned and awaiting approval
My Credit Card Statements Provides the status of all expense items associated with a credit card statement; if the user has multiple credit cards, the report will automatically group statements by card

Run Report

Simply click a report in the list to run it. The results will appear in the pane on the right on larger devices or replace the report list on smaller devices. Drag the slider bar at the bottom to see columns that don't fit on the screen.

Filter Results

By default, you will see results for the current month. Use the Transaction Date filter in the upper right corner to change the date parameters.

You may also filter the results in any column with the funnel icon. Click the funnel to select the parameters, then click FILTER.

If there are more than 1,000 results, a pop-up message will ask you to change the filter to narrow the results.

To remove a filter, click the funnel icon again and select CLEAR.

Sort Results

Click any column header to sort results in ascending or descending order. An arrow will indicate the order.

Group Results

You may group results by any column that has the three-dot icon to the left of its header name. Simply drag the header name into the blue bar at the top to re-sort the list.

You may group by as many column headers as you wish, as long as they display the three-dot icon. Use the arrows next to each column header to sort results.

You may also collapse or expand all grouped items on a report to make navigation easier.

Request Line Item Images

The My Expense Items inquiry report allows users to request images associated with their expenses returned by the report. Clicking the REQUEST IMAGES button will generate a PDF report containing images for up to 50 line items, based on the results of the Inquiry search.

A link to the PDF will be emailed to the expense owner's primary email address. If the user’s Inquiry search returns more than 50 line items with images, he or she will be alerted to narrow or filter the search in order to receive a link to an image PDF. If there are no images associated with the expense(s), a notification banner will alert users so they will not expect to receive an emailed report.

1. Click on the My Expense Items Inquiry Report and select the dates to filter, if desired.

2. Select the desired report in the list and click REQUEST IMAGES.

A confirmation message will appear.

3. A link to the PDF of images will be sent to the expense owner's primary email address. The message also displays the date filter used in the My Expense Items inquiry report search.

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