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Expense Management Dashboard

The Expense Management Dashboard allows users with appropriate permissions to view all the exported expense reports of individual expense owners in a central location, eliminating the need to delegate into individual users’ accounts. Users may open expense reports and view them as the expense owner would, including line items, attachments, and tracking details. Users with appropriate permissions may also recall exported reports from the Expense Management Dashboard.

Admins may control user access to the Expense Management Dashboard via the Access Permissions admin screen. See "Expense Management Dashboard Permissions" inAccess Permissions Admin Screen for details.

Expense Management Grid

1. Click the MENU button in the upper left corner, then click EXPENSE MANAGEMENT.

  • Note: Only users of wide-screen devices may access Expense Management; the menu item will not display on narrow-screen mobile devices.

The Expense Management Dashboard will open.

2. Use the text box in the upper left to search for expenses by Expense Owner or Report ID.

3. Click a column header to sort the list of expenses by that criterion.

  • Report Name
  • Report ID
  • Submit Date
  • Status
  • Export Date
  • Expense Owner
  • Pay Me (Amount)
  • Approved (Amount)
  • Currency

You may drag a column header into the blue bar at the top of the screen to group the list of expenses by that column. To remove the group, click the X next to the column header name.

4. Click ADVANCED SEARCH to filter reports based on status.


Preview Expenses

Click once on an expense in the list to open a preview. Click the back arrow in the upper left to return to the Expense Management Dashboard.


There are several actions you may perform directly from the preview:

  • Profile Card: Click on the Report Owner's name to view their profile card.
  • Open: Click to open the full report.
  • Tracking: Click to view the approval routing path.
  • Recall: If you have appropriate permissions, you will see the option to recall the report.

Access the Expense Report

Clicking OPEN in the expense preview will allow you to view the report as the expense owner would, including line items and attachments.


Recall Expense Reports

The Expense Management Dashboard can allow users with appropriate permissions to recall a fully exported report. The report will be sent to the Approval Dashboard of the user who recalled it. From there, that user may adjust the report or return it to the expense owner for adjustment.

  • Note: This functionality is only recommended under certain specific circumstances. Admins may see "Expense Management Dashboard Permissions" in Access Permissions Admin Screen for details.

If this feature has been activated, there are two ways to recall a report from the Expense Management Dashboard.

1. Click RECALL in the report's preview on the Expense Management Dashboard.


2. Or open the report and click the RECALL button there.

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