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Opt in to Expense Email Notifications

Chrome River users can opt in to company-specific Chrome River email notifications. Email notification preferences are set up in the User menu via SETTINGS.

Click NOTIFICATION SETTINGS and check the blue boxes next to the notifications you wish to receive.

Expense Email Notifications

Name Subject Line Description Recipients
Receipt Notify “Chrome River Receipt Confirmation”

Expense owner receives success or failure notification for receipts.

Expense Owner
Email Receipts Replaced "Chrome River Receipt Images Replaced"

Expense owner, creator, and optional administrator are notified when emailed receipts have replaced existing receipts on the report.

Expense Owner, Creator and (optionally) Admin
Expense Export Notification "Chrome River Expense Export"

Administrator who initiated export or is signed up for auto export receives email confirmation.

Expense Report Adjustment "Chrome River Expense Adjusted Items"

Expense creator and owner (if different) are notified when an approver makes an adjustment to the expense.

Expense Owner and Creator
Expense Report Assignment "Chrome River Expense Approval [Expense Owner Name]"

Approver is notified when a report is submitted for approval or routed to the next approver.

Expense Report Approval Failed "Expense Report no longer assigned to you"

Approver is notified when attempting to take action via an older version of the expense approval email and instructed to review and approve the latest version of the approval email.

Expense Report Audit Approval "Chrome River Audit Approval [Expense Owner Name]"

Expense owner is notified when an expense report has been assigned for approval in Audit.

Expense Owner
Expense Report Audit Approval Return "Chrome River Audit Approval Return"

Expense owner is notified when an expense report has been returned to him/her during the audit process.


Expense Owner
Expense Report Returned "Chrome River Expense Returned Items"

Expense owners, creators and delegates are notified when an approver returns an expense report.

Expense Owner, Creator, All Delegates
Paid Expense Feed Notification "Notification of Chrome River Payment for [Expense Owner Name]"

Expense owner receives details of all new payments noted for his/her expenses marked partially or fully paid via the Paid Expense Feed, including report information and check and EFT numbers. Optionally, your organization may choose to add a Payment Details to display how the user has been reimbursed (e.g., direct reimbursement or company credit card).


Expense Owner, Creator (optionally), All Delegates (optionally)
Receipt Processed "Chrome River Receipt Images Processed"

Expense creator receives email confirmation when a faxed receipt has been processed for his or her report.


Receipts Replaced Notification "Chrome River Receipt Images Replaced"

Users who fax or email receipts for a submitted expense report receive an email that receipt images were replaced or that errors occurred (e.g., missing cover pages, missing content, expense report not found in the system).


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