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Release Notes: September 7, 2023

Note: We may roll out certain changes iteratively through our customer base. As a result, you may experience a few days’ delay (no more than one week) before you see new functionality in your Production environment.



Display of Submitted Expenses and Pre-Approvals on Dashboard

Based on customer feedback via Solution Suggestions, we have updated the Expense and Pre-Approval ribbons on the Chrome River Dashboard. Instead of displaying a count of the expenses and pre-approvals submitted in the last 90 days, the ribbons will now have a “View All Submitted” button, eliminating confusion about how to view items older than 90 days.

This is just one of the enhancements we have made based on customer votes on Solution Suggestions. Admins are encouraged to review the existing Solution Suggestions, found in the Chrome River Help Desk Service Portal, and vote on the items that are most important to them.

Display of Submitted.png


Change Expense Types on eWallet Statements Tab

For customers who use Chrome River’s Statements feature, users may now change the expense types associated with any of the individual transactions grouped by statement on the eWallet’s Statements tab, similar to the way they may be changed on the Credit Card tab.

Change Expense Types.png


View All Payments in Expense Explores

Chrome River Expense Payments data is now available in Emburse Analytics, including Bank ID, Check Number, Paid Date, and Payment Amount. This enables customers to report on all payments associated with an expense report when more than one payment has been applied to the report.

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