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Release Notes: August 9, 2023

Note: We may roll out certain changes iteratively through our customer base. As a result, you may experience a few days’ delay (no more than one week) before you see new functionality in your Production environment.

New Features Available


Expense Export Enhancements Now Available for Beta Testing

In an upcoming release, we will introduce backend infrastructure enhancements to our expense export process. These are designed to provide improved export performance and stability for all EXPENSE customers. These changes are now live in the QA/UAT environment and ready for testing. Please take a moment to help us test these upgrades by performing a few exports in QA/UAT. Because these updates are backend-only, you should not see any changes to your exports.


FOLIO Support Added to New Expense OCR Engine Beta Test

In the last release, we made Chrome River’s enhanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Engine for Expense available to beta test for customers who use our QA/UAT environment. This beta test now supports FOLIO. Customers who use our QA/UAT environment are encouraged to test the new OCR capabilities and report any issues via the Chrome River Help Desk.


SAP Connector Updates

For customers with SAP Instances and signed up for the SAP Connector, the 2023.8 August SAP Connector release is now available. Enhancements and minor bug fixes were made to the Person, Entity, Allocation, and Posting packages for Chrome River EXPENSE and to the Invoice Posting, Vendor, and Purchase Order packages for Chrome River INVOICE and PO. For complete details, click here.



Clear Allocations When Returning Invoices

Invoice approvers now have the option to clear allocations when returning invoices, in order to trigger alternate approval flows when the invoice is resubmitted. Approvers simply check the new “Clear allocation(s) on Return” box on the Return Confirmation screen. Note that this feature is only available when returning invoices from inside Chrome River, not when returning them via email.

Clear Allocations When Returning Invoices.png


New Standard Reference Reports for Car Plan

We have added the Car Plan Configuration and Car Plan Modifier standard reference reports to Emburse Analytics to allow customers to view their Car Plan configurations. We have also added the Person Cumulative Distance standard reference report to allow customers to track cumulative mileage per year related to Car Plan.

New Credit Card Statements Reconciliation Detail Report

We have added a Credit Card Statements Reconciliation Detail standard report to Emburse Analytics in order to replace the standard report of the same name in Chrome River Reporting.


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