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Track a Submitted Pre-Approval Request

To track your submitted pre-approval request, click on VIEW ALL SUBMITTED in the Pre-Approval section of the Dashboard.

TPA - Dashboard.png

To access your submitted pre-approvals from anywhere else in the interface, click the MENU button and then click RECENTLY SUBMITTED in the Pre-Approval section of the drop-down menu.

Find the pre-approval in the list and click it to display the preview. Then click the three-dots icon and select TRACKING in the drop-down list.

On wide-screen devices, there will be a TRACKING button instead of the three dots.

You may track the pre-approval request's progress on the Tracking screen, including who it is and has been assigned to, the applicable routing rules, its projected routing steps, and its status at each step.

If multiple routing step numbers are displayed, you may click each one to see all the details for that step.

Click the X in the upper right-hand corner to return to the preview for that pre-approval.

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