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Attach a Pre-Approval to an Expense Report

You may link a pre-approval to an expense report at any time during expense-report creation. This allows you to compare actual expenses against pre-approved amounts before you've submitted the report.

Pre-Approval Expense-Type Mapping

If your organization has implemented Pre-Approval Expense-Type Mapping, you will only be able to apply approved pre-approval amounts to the expense types you originally listed in your pre-approval request.

For example, if you received pre-approval to spend $500 on airfare and $500 on hotel, but your resulting expense report includes $500 for airfare, $400 for hotel and $100 for transportation, you will only be able to use the pre-approval for the $500 airfare and the $400 hotel, leaving a $100 balance on the pre-approval request.

Create Expense from Approved Pre-Approval

If your organization has activated this feature, you may import the data from an approved pre-approval to pre-populate many header fields of a new expense associated with that pre-approval.

1. Click the IMPORT PRE-APPROVAL button on the expense header when creating a new report.

2. Select the desired pre-approval from the list of approved pre-approvals.

This will copy the pre-approval's header data into the Expense Entry screen.

3. Once you click CREATE, all of the pre-approval's line-item data will be added to the expense report as well, reducing the amount of information you must enter manually.

Attaching Pre-Approvals

1. Create an expense report including the actual expense amounts related to the pre-approval. When the draft expense report is ready to be submitted, click on the header to bring up the preview, if necessary, then click ADD PRE-APPROVAL REPORT.

2. On the Apply Pre-Approval screen, click the Select a Pre-Approval Report drop-down and then click on the corresponding pre-approval request.

  • In order to appear in the drop-down, a pre-approval request must be in the same currency as that of the expense report you are creating.
  • Once a pre-approval has been attached, you will no longer be able to change the currency code on that expense.

3. If your organization has activated this feature, you will have the option to import Per Diem and Mileage line items from the pre-approval you have selected via a check box.

4. Be sure that all expenses related to the pre-approval are on the expense report. A pre-approval may only be used once, unless your organization's configuration allows otherwise.

The Expense Summary shows the remaining amounts available for each type of expense. The Spent amount is displayed in green if these fall within the original approved amount. The Spent amount is displayed in red if it exceeds the original approved amount.

Click APPLY to attach the request to your expense report.

5. You will be asked to confirm that the expenses are correct. The Submit Confirmation screen also displays the pre-approval request's available balance and gives you the option to click REMOVE PRE-APPROVAL if you no longer wish to attach it.

If you opt to remove the pre-approval request before you submit your expense report, you will have the option to attach a different pre-approval by clicking the PRE-APPROVAL button on the Submit Confirmation screen.

6. When the correct pre-approval request has been attached, click SUBMIT.

View Attached Pre-Approval Report

You may view the details of any pre-approval report linked to an expense by clicking the PDF download button next to the name of the Applied Pre-Approval Report on the expense. This allows you to easily compare the original pre-approval to its associated expense report.

Detaching Pre-Approvals

Pre-approvals will be unlinked from any expense report that has been deleted, allowing users to reattach them to a new report, as necessary.

  • Note that when an expense report with attached pre-approval is recalled or reset, the pre-approval will remain attached to the report.

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