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Adjust and Resubmit Returned Pre-Approval Requests

When an approver has returned a pre-approval request to the requester during the approval process, it will appear in the Returned Pre-Approvals list.

Accessing Returned Pre-Approvals

Click on the number of RETURNED pre-approvals in the Pre-Approval section of the Dashboard.

RPA - Dashboard.png

To access your returned pre-approvals from anywhere else in the interface, click the MENU button and then click RETURNED in the Pre-Approval section of the drop-down menu.

Editing Returned Pre-Approval Requests

1. Click on the returned pre-approval you wish to view and a preview will slide in from the right. Click the name of the report or click OPEN.

You may also double-click on the pre-approval in the list to open it.

2. Select the line item you wish to adjust and click EDIT.

3. Change the amount, enter a Description, if desired, and click SAVE.

4. To delete the line item and create a new one, click DELETE, then click the + button to add a new line item.

5. When you are ready to resubmit the pre-approval request, click the green SUBMIT button from within the returned request.

Alternatively, you may re-submit the request from the Returned Pre-Approvals list. Click the request to open its preview, then click the green SUBMIT button in the upper right-hand corner.

6. On the Submit Confirmation screen, click SUBMIT.

Deleting Returned Pre-Approval Requests

To delete your entire pre-approval request and start over, click it in the Returned Pre-Approval Reports list to open the preview, and then click DELETE. On narrow-screen devices, DELETE will be found under the three-dots drop-down menu.

If the request is open, click DELETE in the preview.

You will be asked to confirm the deletion. Click DELETE.

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