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Expire a Pre-Approval to Release Encumbered Funds

For customers who take advantage of Chrome River's Pre-Approval Encumbrance Budget feature, we run Pre-Approval Multiple Check rules on a scheduled basis in order to close (expire) pre-approvals and release the encumbered funds. Users with appropriate permissions may also manually expire an approved pre-approval—for example, when a planned trip has been canceled or when budgeted-but-unused funds need to be released. Additionally, users with these permissions may expire pre-approvals when they are working as delegates for other users who have these permissions.

1. Click the approved pre-approval in the Submitted Pre-Approvals list to open the preview.

2. On the Preview screen, click EXPIRE. This button is only accessible in the Preview, not if you open the pre-approval. On narrow screens you may need to click the three dots icon and select EXPIRE from the drop-down list.

3. On the confirmation screen, click EXPIRE. The pre-approval will remain in the Submitted Pre-Approvals list, but it will no longer be able to be linked to an expense.

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