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Release Notes: February 21, 2024

Note: We may roll out certain changes iteratively through our customer base. As a result, you may experience a few days’ delay (no more than one week) before you see new functionality in your Production environment. 

Upcoming Change


System Status Dashboard Enhancements and Email Notifications

On March 1, 2024, the Chrome River System Status Dashboard will become accessible outside of the Chrome River Help Desk. This will make it more convenient for administrators and users to review the current status of the Chrome River application. Among the other improvements are the ability to enable notifications via email and to easily share the dashboard within your organization. Access will still be available via the Help Desk.

Your organization’s authorized support contacts will be automatically subscribed to system status email notifications if they have logged in to the Help Desk since January 1, 2023. Those who have not logged in since that time will need to navigate to the System Status Dashboard and resubscribe if they wish to receive email notifications.

On March 1, you may access the new System Status Dashboard by navigating to the appropriate link below. To determine which instance your organization uses, please see Understanding Instances and Environments in the Chrome River Help Center.

For complete details on the new features of the System Status Dashboard, see Help Desk System Status Dashboard in the Chrome River Help Center.

Resolved Issue


Approval Email for Additional Expense Approver

We have resolved an issue with our Additional Expense Approver feature that prevented an approval email from being sent when another approver was added to an expense’s routing flow.

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