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Release Notes: June 28, 2023

Note: We may roll out certain changes iteratively through our customer base. As a result, you may experience a few days’ delay (no more than one week) before you see new functionality in your Production environment.

New Features Available


Default Header UDAs Added to Automated Expense Creation

Chrome River recently introduced the Automated Expense Creation beta feature, which allows users with appropriate permissions to have expense reports created for them automatically, based on either the receipts they upload or the corporate credit card transactions they incur. Expense reports and line items will be created automatically and placed in users’ Drafts dashboard for review before they are submitted. For complete details on Automated Expense Creation, see Manage Automated Expenses in the Chrome River Help Center.

Now, customers who have required user-defined fields (UDAs) on the expense report header may also use the Automated Expense Creation beta. This enhancement allows your organization to default UDAs based on the Feed Code and Statement Date of a transaction. For example, your organization could opt to set the ReportType UDA for an automatically created expense to be Travel whenever the transaction’s Feed Code is AMEX.

If your organization is interested in activating the Automated Expense Creation beta or you have previously activated it and are interested in configuring default UDA fields, please submit a case via the Chrome River Help Desk.


Import and Use Additional Person Data in Chrome River

It is now possible for customers migrating from other expense management systems to load additional person data (e.g., Hire Date, Job Code, Leave of Absence Start Date) into Chrome River and use it to configure business rules via the Rule Builder, making it easy to maintain current business processes. This additional Person user-defined data (UDA) will be exposed within the Expense Owner object in the Rule Builder.

For complete details on configuring business rules, see Business Rules Admin Screen in the Chrome River Help Center. If you are interested in taking advantage of this enhancement, please submit a case via the Chrome River Help Desk.



Introducing the Card Monitor Admin Screen for Emburse and Amex Small Business Card Programs

We have released the new Card Monitor admin screen to give visibility into the processing of your organization's credit card feeds. The screen allows admins to view when credit card transactions are received, what the current processing status is, and what the final transaction counts are. For complete details, see Card Monitor Admin Screen in the Chrome River Help Center.

Please note: The Card Monitor admin screen reflects feed information received from May 1, 2023 onward. Feeds received prior to May 1 may not display complete information on the admin screen.


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