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Release Notes: June 14, 2023

Note: We may roll out certain changes iteratively through our customer base. As a result, you may experience a few days’ delay (no more than one week) before you see new functionality in your Production environment.



Redesigned Chrome River Help Center Now Live

Chrome River’s newly redesigned Help Center is now live! Based on feedback from Chrome River Administrators, it features all of the awesome help content you’re used to with more intuitive article naming, new search filtering capabilities, an easier-to-navigate interface, and an improved article page design.


You’ll also find an enhanced Release Notes experience in the new Help Center that makes it easier to find and subscribe to updates.



New Guide to Chrome River Standard Report Equivalents in Emburse Analytics

We have added an Emburse Analytics Report Reference Guide to the Chrome River and Emburse Analytics help centers. The guide shows where Chrome River standard reports can be found or rebuilt in Emburse Analytics, along with dashboard views of the data for better visibility and insights.

Resolved Issue


Alignment of eWallet Card Balance and Emburse Cards Portal Balance

We have resolved an issue that caused Emburse Card balances to display differently in the Chrome River eWallet than in the Emburse Cards portal when a card had an allowance but not an approval. Now, allowances will be displayed for these cards in the eWallet.

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