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Release Notes: March 8, 2023

Note: We may roll out certain changes iteratively through our customer base. As a result, you may experience a few days’ delay (no more than one week) before you see new functionality in your Production environment.

Upcoming Change


Important Reminder for All Corpay (Global Exchange) Direct Pay Customers: Non-Updated Bank Account Deletions to Begin March 9

Beginning March 9, we are launching Phase 2 of the bank account deletion project. As previously communicated by your Customer Success Manager, Phase 2 customers are those who have a Submit Compliance Violation in place to block submissions of reports for employees who do not have bank account information in the system. From March 9 – March 13, we will be deleting all bank account information for those Phase 2 customer employees who have not re-entered their bank account information into the new bank account screen made available to all users.

Please note that employees who have expense reports in the approval process (i.e., submitted but not fully approved and exported) will be excluded at this time. However, we will be revisiting the deletions throughout the month until completion. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your Chrome River Customer Success Manager.

New Features Available


Include Departed Users in Pre-Approval Tracking Search

Admins now have the option to include pre-approvals from departed users when searching on the Pre-Approval Tracking admin screen.

To activate this feature, navigate to SECURITY > ACCESS PERMISSIONS > ADMIN and click EDIT. Under Pre-Approval Tracking, check the box next to “Include Departed Expense Owner Search” and click SAVE.

Recall Failed Expense Exports via API Monitor Admin

Administrators with appropriate permissions may now use the API Monitor admin screen to recall expense reports with a status of “Error.” This allows admins to recall failed reports, make the necessary updates, and, if configured, reapply VAT rules to the updated report. The report will be sent to the dashboard of the user who recalled it. Customers may choose to configure routing rules to also send the report to additional approvers, including the VAT Aubtobot. Note that this feature is not available for customers who use SAP Delta posting or DIRECT PAY.

To activate this feature, an admin may navigate to SECURITY > ACCESS PERMISSIONS > API MONITOR and click EDIT. Check the box next to “Recall exported expense reports” and click SAVE.



Accessibility Enhancements for Expense Entry

We have enhanced keyboard navigation to allow users to easily save or cancel out of the expense header and line-item entry screens. Users simply click Command or Ctrl + Enter to save and Esc to cancel.


Enhanced Report ID Search on Expense and Pre-Approval Tracking Screens

Based on feedback from the Chrome River Help Desk’s Solution Suggestion customer program, we have enhanced the search functions of the Expense Tracking and Pre-Approval Tracking admin screens to automatically strip dashes from Report IDs pasted into the search box. This allows admins to easily copy Report IDs from the expense and pre-approval PDFs and paste them into the search without having to manually remove the dashes.

Resolved Issue


Default Tax Code on Invoice Header

We have resolved an issue that prevented the Default Tax Code on the selected vendor address from automatically populating on the invoice header.

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