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Person Feed Admin Screen

The Allocation Fields screen allows users with administrative privileges to to configure whether certain Person attributes can be updated by the Person data feed. For more details, see Data Feeds Admin Screen. To view the Person data feed spec, see Data Feed Specifications & FAQ.


2. Click EDIT.

Person Feed Configuration

Check the boxes next to the fields for which your organization's Person feed is providing values. If your feed is not able to provide a value for the field, or if you have opted to maintain the field values manually, leave the check box blank.

Use the SELECT ALL and CLEAR links to quickly check or uncheck all boxes.

  • Note: Manual updates made to a feed-updatable field will be overridden the next time a Person feed is processed.

Input Field Encoding

You may also use the Person Feed admin screen to set which type of file encoding (UTF-8 or ISO-8859-1) is used by your Person data feed.

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