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Enable Real-Time Notifications for Credit Card Transactions

Chrome River offers users the ability to receive email, SMS (text) or push/real-time (mobile device) notifications for transactions made using corporate credit cards issued by certain banks—including American Express, Mastercard, and US Bank—as well as Emburse Cards. The notification you receive will contain a link that allows you to upload an image corresponding to the expense. The image will be automatically merged with the appropriate credit card transaction once it is received by Chrome River.

If your organization has a corporate credit card feed that supports real-time alerts, follow the steps below to set up notifications.

Setting Up Real-Time Notifications

Click your name in the top right corner of the app, then click ACCOUNT SETTINGS.

Click NOTIFICATION SETTINGS and scroll to American Express Real-Time Notifications or, for other Emburse and other card issuers, Emburse Real-Time Notifications. Click the check box onthe right to select one or both types of notifications.

ERTN - Personal Notification Settings.png

Select the method by which you wish to be notified.

  • Email Notifications: Notifications will be delivered to the primary email listed on your Chrome River user account.
  • SMS Notifications: Enter a mobile number where you can receive texts. A pop-up window will ask you to confirm the number and remind you that your wireless carrier's standard messaging rates apply.
  • Mobile App Push Notifications: This option is only available for users who have downloaded the latest version of the Emburse Chrome River mobile app or the CR SNAP mobile app and linked it to their Chrome River account. See Attaching Receipts Via Push Notification, below, for complete details.

Attach Receipts Via Email or SMS Notification

When you use your credit card to make a purchase, you will receive an email, SMS or push notification. See Attaching Receipts Via Push Notification for instructions on attaching a receipt via push notification.

1. Open the email or SMS notification and tap the link.

2. Attach one or more receipt images to the expense.

3. If desired, enter a description of the expense.

4. Tap SUBMIT.

5. You will receive a pop-up message indicating whether the image was submitted successfully.

The merged transaction will appear in the Credit Card section of your Items tab.

Attach Receipts Via Emburse Chrome River App Push Notification

Emburse Chrome River mobile app users who have enabled real-time notifications for corporate credit card transactions may attach receipts by tapping the push notifications that appear on their mobile devices. See Attach Receipts From Push Notifications in the Emburse Chrome River App Help Center for details.

Attach Receipts Via CR SNAP Push Notification

You can attach receipts by tapping the push notification that appears on your mobile device if you meet the following criteria:

1. Tap the push notification when it appears on your screen.

2. On the Transaction Detail screen, tap the camera button to attach one or more receipt images to the expense. If desired, enter a description of the expense.

3. Tap UPLOAD.

4. The merged transaction will appear in the Credit Card section of the eWallet inside Chrome River.

Unless you have selected "Delete Receipts After Upload" in Settings, CR SNAP's Upload History screen will display all the images you have uploaded, organized by date. The Pending section displays any images that are still uploading or had issues during upload.

If you missed the push notification for an expense, the Real-Time Notifications section allows you to see all the notifications in the last 48 hours for which you have not yet uploaded receipts. Tap the camera button in the upper left of each notification to upload the corresponding receipt(s).


Notifications will remain visible for 48 hours (calculated from 12 am on the day they were received). If you do not add a receipt before the notification disappears from CR SNAP, the receipt will not be automatically merged with the credit card transaction and you will need to attach the image when you create the expense report.

Tap on any uploaded image to view details of that transaction.

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