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Release Notes: October 4, 2023

Note: We may roll out certain changes iteratively through our customer base. As a result, you may experience a few days’ delay (no more than one week) before you see new functionality in your Production environment.

New Features Available


Introducing PO Header Matching Tolerance for eInvoice

For customers who use eInvoice and Purchase Order, we have introduced PO Header Matching Tolerance, a new invoice line-item automation that ensures PO lines copy over even when the purchase order line amounts fall outside your organization’s established line-level tolerances.

PO Header Matching Tolerance engages when all previous line-item matching fails, increasing line copy-over from purchase orders to invoices. This feature is complementary to your organization’s existing line-level tolerances, as well as your two- or three-way matching auto-submit requirements.

Admins may access Customer Preferences > Invoice > “PO Matching Tolerance” to enable this feature and specify tolerance, which can be either an amount or a percentage. Note, this section was formerly labeled “PO Connector” but has been renamed to more accurately reflect the line- and header-matching capabilities.

PO Header Tolerance Matching for eInvoice.png


Personal Credit Card Integration Enhanced

We have enhanced our personal credit card integration to make it available to all customers. This feature allows users to link a personal credit card to Chrome River, streamlines expense entry, increases accuracy, and helps prevent users from forgetting to file expenses. For complete details, see Use a Personal Credit Card with Chrome River in the help center. All existing customers will be moved over to the enhanced integration by the end of this year.

If your organization is interested in taking advantage of this service, contact your Chrome River Customer Success Manager.



New Dashboard Notification for Automated Expenses

Based on feedback from Automated Expense Creation beta testers, we have added a new ribbon at the top of the Chrome River Dashboard that displays the number of items that have recently been added to automated expense reports and the date of the most recent item. This eliminates confusion over expense items that appear to be missing from the eWallet because they have been added to a report automatically. Users may click VIEW in the notification to see the expense report to which items were added.

Auto Expense Create Banner.png

If your organization is interested in activating the Automated Expense Creation beta, please submit a case via the Chrome River Help Desk.


Apply Multiple Taxes to Invoice Line Items

For customers who need to capture multiple types of tax information at the line-item level, Chrome River Invoice now enables users to apply additional taxes attributed to the Invoice header on the line items as well. The primary tax from the header continues to copy over to the line items. Clicking “Add Tax” on the line item will expose additional taxes for selection where applicable at the line level.

Apply Multiple Taxes 1.png

Admins may access Customer Preferences > Invoice > “Multiple Taxes on Line Item” to enable this feature.

Apply Multiple Taxes 2.png


Feed Column Added to Card Monitor Admin

Admins may now view the name of each feed in the search results on the Card Monitor admin screen, making it easier to view data at a glance.

Feed Column Added.png

Invoice Vendor Admin Screen Enhancements

We have enhanced the Invoice Vendor admin screen with new features and functionality. Now, vendor data will automatically load when the screen is opened, making it easier to access data quickly. Temporary vendors will now be indicated in the list with an icon, and their temporary vendor ID will be locked to prevent editing. Additionally, admins may now search vendor information by UDF. And there is a new total vendor count displayed at the top of the results list.

Invox Vendor NonPay.png

If your organization uses Emburse Pay, you will see two tabs on the Invoice Vendor admin: Vendors, containing vendor data, and Pay Supported, which filters your vendor list to just those vendors who are Emburse Pay enabled in order to provide insight on your vendor address payment method and Payment Sync status.

Invox Vendor Pay.png

Note that this enhanced screen will be released in QA first, with a gradual Production rollout to all customers over the coming weeks.


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