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Customize Watcher Email Instructions

Chrome River offers customers the ability to allow certain users to be CCed on expense and pre-approval approval email notifications so they can watch specific expense reports or line items as they route through the approval process without being able to approve or return them.

Your organization may customize these via the Messages Admin Screen.


1. Select the desired changeset.

A changeset is just a way to make changes to the user interface that can be tracked and easily reversed, if necessary. You may select an existing changeset (e.g., one you've already created containing related changes you'd like to make) or create a new one. See Create and Publish Changesets for complete details.

2. If your organization offers messages in multiple languages, select the desired language. Each language is a separate message file.

3. Select the Email label type.

4. Click VIEW.

5. Look for the key.

  • If your organization has a large number of email message keys, you may export them to make searching easier.

6. If the key does not yet exist, you will need to create it. If it does exist, see "Edit a Label" in the Messages Admin Screen article for instructions on editing the message that is displayed.

7. To create the key, click EDIT.

8. Select an existing changeset or create a new one, then click EDIT.

9. Click ADD NEW LABEL in the blue bar at the top of the screen.

10. A blank line will appear at the top of the list.

  • Click in the Key column to add this value:
  • Click in the Display Value column to add the message that watchers will see when they receive the email notification.

11. Click SAVE and publish your changeset.

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