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Receive Chrome River Notifications via Slack

Chrome River's Slack connector allows users to choose to receive certain notifications by Slack. Administrators with appropriate permissions may set up the integration following the steps below.

Set Up Slack Connector

1. In Admin Settings, click APP INTEGRATION > CONNECTIONS. Then click CONNECT.

2. If you are not your organization's Slack administrator, the following screen will open in a new tab.

  • If you are the Slack administrator, skip to Step 8.

3. If necessary, select the correct Slack workspace for your organization in the upper right corner. Then click SUBMIT.

4. You will be redirected to the Emburse page in the Slack App Directory, and the request will show as pending.

5. Your organization's Slack administrator will receive a request for installation approval in Slack.

The Slack administrator will see a confirmation message in Slack.

6. If you are not your organization's Slack administrator, you will receive a message via Slackbot when installation is approved.

7. Do not click the button to access the App Directory. Instead, return to the Connections admin page inside Chrome River and click the CONNECT button again.

8. You must accept the permissions to finish installing the app. Click ALLOW.

9. A new tab will open to confirm that installation is complete.

10. If you return to the Connections admin inside Chrome River, you will see that Slack has been installed.

User Experience

Once the Slack installation is complete, users will see the option to select Slack as a delivery method for certain notification types under ACCOUNT SETTINGS > NOTIFICATION SETTINGS.

Users will receive the notifications inside Slack, under APPS > EMBURSE.

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