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Auto-Import Amazon Purchases with Amazon Business Connector

Chrome River's Amazon Business connector automatically imports Amazon Business purchases into Chrome River EXPENSE. If your organization takes advantage of this integration, a receipt will be automatically generated and attached to each Amazon business transaction in Chrome River, making it simple for users to add them to expense reports. See Add Amazon Business Transactions to an Expense Report for more details.

Connect an Amazon Business Account

Note that you must be an Amazon Business account administrator to connect Amazon Business to Chrome River.


2. Click the blue CONNECT button in the Amazon for Business box.

3. Use your Amazon Business account administrator credentials to sign in to Amazon.

4. You will be asked to allow Chrome River parent company Emburse to access your Amazon Business account. Click ALLOW.

5. You will be directed back to the Chrome River App. If the connection was successful, you will see "Connected" next to the Amazon Business logo on the Connections admin screen.

Disconnect an Amazon Business Account


2. Click the red DISCONNECT button in the Amazon for Business box.

3. The pop-up window will display instructions for completing the disconnection inside Amazon Business. Click COMPLETE DISCONNECT.

4. On Amazon's home page, under your name, click the drop-down menu and select YOUR ACCOUNT.

5. Scroll down and click LOGIN WITH AMAZON under Other Programs.

6. Locate Emburse under Your Active Apps & Websites and click REMOVE.

7. Emburse will no longer be displayed on the Manage Login with Amazon screen.

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