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Purchase Order Management Dashboard

The Purchase Order Management Dashboard allows users with appropriate permissions to view and manage purchase orders.

Purchase Order Management Grid

Click the MENU button in the upper left corner, then click PURCHASE ORDER MANAGEMENT.

  • Note: Only users of wide-screen devices may access Purchase Order Management; the menu item will not display on narrow-screen mobile devices.

By default, you will see only purchase orders that you created or requested, as well as those that are pending approval by you or a group you belong to. However, you may use the various search functions to find any purchase order.

Column Headers

Click a column header to sort the list of invoices by that criterion.

  • Vendor Name
  • Temporary Vendor (icon)
  • PO Number
  • PO Date
  • Amount
  • Assigned To
  • Assigned On
  • Status
  • INV: Has an associated invoice.
  • GR: Has an associated goods receipt.
  • Rush
  • Attachment
  • Warning

You may drag a column header into the blue bar at the top of the screen to group the list of purchase orders by that column. To remove the group, click the X next to the column header name.

Search Purchase Orders

Use the text box in the upper left to search for purchase orders by number.

Select ADVANCED SEARCH to search by detailed PO Info, Status or Personnel. You may use the slider on the right to scroll through search options or the tabs on the left to automatically jump to the desired search option. Then click SEARCH.

Saved Searches

You may also save the desired search parameters to use again by clicking SAVE. A pop-up window will ask you to name the search. Then click SAVE again.

To access the search later, click SAVED SEARCHES at the top of the Purchase Order Management Dashboard and select it from the list.

  • Use the pencil icon to edit a saved search.
  • Use the underlined A icon to rename the saved search.
  • Use the trash can icon to delete the saved search.

Preview Purchase Orders

Click once on a purchase order in the list to open a preview. In the preview, click PREV or NEXT to cycle through previews of the other purchase orders on the dashboard. Click the back arrow in the upper left to return to the Purchase Order Management Dashboard.

There are several actions you may perform directly from the preview:

  • Images: Click to view any images attached to the purchase order.
  • Tracking: See where the purchase order is in the approval process. For complete details, see Track Your Submitted Purchase Orders.
  • PDF: Click to view the PO Report or Full Report.
  • Delete: Delete the purchase order.
  • Edit: Opens the purchase order for editing.
  • Submit: Return or approve the purchase order. For complete details, see Approve Purchase Orders in Chrome River or via Email.

Edit Purchase Order

Check the box next to the desired purchase order and click EDIT.

Assign Purchase Orders

Check the box next to one or more purchase orders you wish to assign to a specific approver or group and click ASSIGN.

Choose the desired approver or group from the drop-down menu, enter a comment, if necessary, and click ASSIGN.

Delete Purchase Order

You may delete any purchase order that is not linked to an invoice. If the PO is linked to an invoice, the DELETE button will not be active.

1. Select the desired purchase order(s) in the list and click DELETE.

2. In the confirmation pop-up window, click DELETE.

Download All to Excel

You may download some or all of the PO Management screen data to an Excel file.

    • To download all records, click the ALL button in the upper right.

    • To download selected records, check the boxes next to the desired purchase orders and click ALL.

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