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Approve Purchase Orders in Chrome River or via Email

If you are part of the approval process and have purchase orders awaiting your approval, you will see a yellow notification bar on the Dashboard. You may approve or return purchase orders from within the app or via email.

Access Approvals

On the Home Screen, click the number of purchase orders awaiting your approval to be taken to the Approval Dashboard.

From anywhere else in the app, click the MENU in the upper left corner, then click PURCHASE ORDER in the Approvals list. The yellow circle shows the number of approvals waiting for you.

You may immediately approve or return a purchase order directly from the Approvals Needed screen.

1. Click on a purchase order in the list to bring up a preview.

2. Click the SUBMIT button and choose RETURN or APPROVE.

Sort and Filter Approvals

The Approvals Needed list displays all the purchase orders awaiting your approval.

  • Use the SORT button in the upper right-hand corner to sort the list by PO Date, PO Number, Amount or Vendor.
  • The SORT button also gives you access to filters. You may filter on the various criteria determined by your organization.
  • This icon indicates a purchase order created with a temporary vendor.

Depending on your organization's configuration, you may be able to bulk approve or return purchase orders directly from the Approval Dashboard by checking the boxes next to multiple purchase orders and clicking SUBMIT, then APPROVE or RETURN.

Access a PO

Click on a purchase order in the Approvals Needed list to preview it, then click EDIT in the upper left-hand corner of the preview to edit the details before approval or return.

  • Depending on your organization's configuration, you may only be able to add comments and/or an image before approving or returning.

Clicking SAVE will save your changes without approving or returning the purchase order.

Approve via the App


Your organization will determine whether you have the option to select an additional reviewer from the drop-down list and whether a comment is optional. Click APPROVE.

Return via the App

Click SUBMIT, then RETURN.

You will need to choose the person or group to whom you wish to return the purchase order. Enter the required return comment and click RETURN to send the purchase order back.

Other Approval Actions

Use the buttons at the top of the preview screen to access other actions.

  • Note that certain actions may be located under the three-dots button.

  • Tracking: See the purchase order's complete path through the approval routing process.
  • PDF: Click the arrow to view different versions of the purchase order's PDF report:
  • PO Report
  • Full Report
  • Prior PO:See related prior purchase orders.
  • Audit: View the purchase order's audit history.

Approve or Return Via Email

You will also receive an email notification for each purchase order request that needs your approval.

You may ACCEPT purchase orders or RETURN them to the creator with questions or comments simply by forwarding the email. This can be done from any email system and software, including those on smart phones and tablets.

Any comments that you type in the forwarded message will automatically be inserted in the Notes section of the purchase order.

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