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View Images Attached to Invoices

Attachments Section

By default the Attachments section will display a thumbnail of each image attached, and the total number of images attached will be shown in parentheses.

Click the expanding box icon to view the images full-width within the pane.

Lightbox View

Click a thumbnail to view the image in the lightbox. On wide-screen devices the lightbox opens to the left of the Invoice Entry screen.

On narrow-screen devices, the lightbox slides in on top of the Invoice Entry screen.

  1. Click the icons above the preview to reduce, enlarge or rotate the invoice image.
  2. The trash icon in the upper left corner deletes just the image being viewed in the lightbox. To delete all images, click the red DELETE ALL ATTACHMENTS below the list of thumbnails on the Edit Invoice screen.

  1. Thumbnail images at the bottom of the lightbox allow you to navigate among multiple attached images.

On wide-screen devices, an additional option allows you to open the image in a new browser tab.

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