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Navigating Chrome River

The Navigation Bar remains at the top of your screen no matter where you are in the Chrome River application.

Emburse Assistant

If you're just getting started with Chrome River, Emburse Assistant is an invaluable tool located under the Help question mark in the upper right corner of Chrome River. In addition to a link to the Help Center, Emburse Assistant contains targeted announcements for users with administrator permissions and in-app guides for all users, including how-to walkthroughs and helpful tips.

Emburse Assist 1.png

Announcements will pop up in the lower right corner of Chrome River when administrators log in. To view announcements later, simply click the Help question mark and select Announcements.

Emburse Assist 2.png

Mouse/Touch Navigation

Tap the QUESTION MARK icon to access the Chrome River Help Center.

If you have appropriate permissions, you will see a GEAR icon that takes you straight to the Admin Settings menu. You may also access Admin Settings from the MENU in the upper left.

Depending on the size of your screen, the Navigation Bar may display text or just icons.

On smaller screens, the Help Center link is found in the USER icon drop-down menu.


Tap the MENU button in the upper left to navigate among the different Chrome River modules and go directly to the desired function in each.

A menu will slide in from the left. If you are an approver, the items that require your approval will appear at the top.

Depending on your organization’s configuration and your permissions, you may use the menu to access such features as expenses, invoices, the eWallet, eReceipts, Inquiry Reports, Analytics and the Admin Settings menu.

  • Tap DASHBOARD to collapse the menu.


Tap the Chrome River Logo in the Navigation Bar to return to the Dashboard at any time.


Depending on the size of your screen, you can click the USER icon or your User Name in the right corner of the Navigation Bar to see, choose, or act as a delegate; edit your account settings (including your password); access the Chrome River Help Center (on smaller screens); or log out of the application.

Keyboard Navigation

Users may also navigate among the user-interface elements inside Chrome River by using the Tab key.

  1. The first Tab keystroke will highlight the left navigation menu.
  2. The next Tab keystroke will highlight the Chrome River logo that functions as a “Home” button, and subsequent Tabs will highlight other options on the Dashboard in clockwise order around the interface.
  • TAB: Move forward
  • SHIFT then TAB: Move backward
  • ENTER: Select a button or menu item
  • ESC: Close an open menu or pop-up window

KN - Tab Order.png

Expense Report

1. Tab over to the + CREATE button and click ENTER.

KN - Create new.png

3. Enter the Report name and tab through the remaining fields to enter the required information.

4. Tab though until the SAVE button is highlighted, then click ENTER to save.

When creating and submitting expense reports and pre-approvals in Chrome River on a desktop device, you will need to press CTRL + ENTER for PCs or COMMAND + ENTER for Macs in order to save and leave edit mode. Click ESC to cancel.

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