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Add or Work as a Delegate

Chrome River offers three types of delegation to allow users with appropriate permissions to create and/or approve expense reports for each other.

  • Delegate: Create expense reports and pre-approvals for another user and access his or her Settings menu, Home screen and Inquiry Reports. You will receive copies of any e-mail notifications regarding rejection or adjustment of reports created for the user. However, you will not be able to approve expenses, pre-approvals or invoices that are routed to the user.
  • Super Delegate: Same privileges as above, but you may work as a delegate for any user in the company without needing to be authorized as a delegate by each user.
  • Approval Delegate: Temporarily approve expenses, pre-approvals and/or invoices for another user—for example, when he or she is on vacation—via email. You will not be able to access the user’s Approval screen.

Work as a Another User's Delegate

When other users have authorized you to work as their delegate, you will see their names under your name when you click it in the upper right hand corner.

To the right of each user's name you will see the total number of their unused expense transactions, including credit cards, receipts, cash advances, travel data and approved pre-approvals. You will not see this number next to your own user name.

A "Departed" label next to the user's name indicates that they have left the company but still have outstanding tasks that must be completed by their delegates.

Super Delegates

If you are a super delegate, you will instead see the SELECT ANOTHER USER link, which allows you to scroll and search through a list of all users in the organization.

Click on the desired user name to work as a delegate for that person. You will now see his or her name in the upper right corner of the app.

To switch back to your own account, simply click the user name and then select your name.

Authorize a User to Work for You

To add a user who is allowed to work as your delegate, click your name in the upper right corner, then click ACCOUNT SETTINGS.


Drag the slider to scroll through the list of potential delegates or start entering the user's name to jump down the list.

Now, the user you selected will be able to select you from their own delegation list and create expenses on your behalf.

Remove a Delegate

To revoke a user's ability to act as your delegate, click the X next to their name in the My Delegates list.

Approval Delegation

If you need to have another user temporarily approve expenses on your behalf—e.g., while you are on vacation—click your name in the upper right corner, then click ACCOUNT SETTINGS. In Delegate Settings, under My Approval Delegate, click +ADD APPROVAL DELEGATE.

You will be able to choose the approval delegate from a searchable list and set the Start and End dates for the authorization to approve expenses on your behalf. Although the list contains everyone, your organization's rules may trigger an error message if you select someone who is not authorized to be your delegate.

The delegate's name will appear with the range of dates during which they may approve expenses on your behalf.

Chrome River will send an email to the approval delegate describing the routing changes that will occur during this period. All expenses, pre-approvals and/or invoices assigned to you will automatically queue up for the delegate to approve. Regular approval emails will also be sent to the delegate.

When the approval delegate matches the report creator, approval is implied and no approval email is sent.

Enable Multiple Approval Delegates

If your organization has activated Chrome River's Enable Multiple Approval Delegates feature via authorize user rules, you may designate up to two approval delegates. However, only one approval delegate may work for you at a time.

If you attempt to schedule a second delegate for a period that overlaps with that of your other approval delegate, you will receive an error message.

Approval Delegation Routing

The routing process for expense reporting is in effect between the start and end dates you assigned to your approval delegate. These rules route all reports and pre-approvals from you to your approval delegate. These routing steps are recorded in the tracking center as a no-action assignment (NOAC) and reports are tagged with a label before moving to the delegate’s approval queue. The approval delegate can then approve or return items according to normal approval rules.

Remove Approval Delegate

At the end of the period you specified, the system will automatically deauthorize your approval delegate, and the approval process will return to default status. However, all reports and pre-approvals that were routed during that period remain in the approval delegate’s approval queue for further action.

If you return earlier than expected or simply wish to revoke your approval delegate's access, click the X next to their name.

Work for a Deleted User

If your organization has activated Chrome River's "Get Departed" feature via business rules, super delegates with appropriate permissions have the option to work for departed users (i.e., users with a "Deleted" status in their Person record).

  • For example, if an employee left the company before submitting or approving some expense reports, a super delegate would be able to work as that person to move the reports through the approval process.

The super delegate would simply check the "Include Departed in Search" box below the search field before searching for that user in the Select Another User window.

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