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Understanding Instances and Environments

Periodically, we communicate to customers about enhancements and maintenance to the Chrome River application that occur only in certain environments or for customers who are on a specific hosting instance. To help you better understand the terms "environments" and "instances," we have put together the following guide.


For security and processing efficiency, Chrome River hosts our services and customer data in several physical data center "instances." Occasionally, we may need to perform maintenance on just one data center instance. It is important that you understand on which instance your company is hosted so that you may determine whether you will be affected. Each instance is represented by a unique website URL, and you can easily see in the naming of the URL which data center instance you are accessing.

  • C1 Instance:
  • C3 Instance:
  • C5 Instance:
  • C7 Instance:

You can identify your organization's instance by looking at the URL when logged in to Chrome River. The example below shows a customer accessing the C3 Instance:

Find Your Instance.png



Within each data center instance, the Chrome River application is available in the live "Production" environment and, for customers who have added it, a “QA/UAT” testing environment. You can see in the naming of the URL which environment you are accessing.

  • Production: The live site containing all of your company's current data. Note that "prod" does not appear in the URLs for the Production site:
  • C1 Prod Environment:
  • C3 Prod Environment:
  • C5 Prod Environment:
  • C7 Prod Environment:

  • QA/UAT: An optional testing site created from a copy of the data on the live site that allows you to try new features, rules and changes before they are implemented for all users in the Production site. For complete details on testing in QA/UAT, see Get Started in the QA/UAT Environment.
  • C1 QA/UAT Environment:
  • C3 QA/UAT Environment:
  • C5 QA/UAT Environment:
  • C7 QA/UAT Environment:

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