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How to Refresh Person Feed Data in QA/UAT

To update your Person records, simply load a data file into QA/UAT via FTP. See Data Feed Specifications & FAQ for information on finding the FTP address.

You will process this data feed the same way you process your PRODUCTION data feed, with just a small change to the name of the file to let our system know that this data is intended for the QA/UAT environment instead of PROD.

TXT File Example

  • Person-prod-HFD4-2019-01-08-1155.txt

Change to…

  • Person-qa-HFD4-2019-01-08-1155.txt

ACK File Example

  • Person-prod-HFD4-2019-01-08-1155.ACK

Change to…

  • Person-qa-HFD4-2019-01-08-1155.ACK

For complete details on creating and maintaining your data feeds, click here to download the Data Feed Specifications.

Note that the Person feed in QA/UAT scrambles email addresses so that normal users do not receive emails due to QA/UAT testing.

If a person’s username is an email address or contains the @ symbol, the user will not be inserted or updated correctly. You must submit a case via the Chrome River Help Desk asking to turn off email scrambling in the QA/UAT environment in order for your feed to process. This will require you to maintain email scrambling in the QA/UAT environment going forward.

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