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Get Started in the QA/UAT Environment

Chrome River offers customers an optional QA/UAT environment as a "sandbox" for testing new and enhanced features before they are pushed to the live Production environment. If your organization has chosen to set up a QA/UAT environment, it will start as a copy of your existing Production environment, giving administrators the ability to do almost anything that can be done in Production without altering the live version of Chrome River.

Note that if your organization requests a data refresh, the data in QA/UAT is replaced by a new copy of the current Production environment. This means that any existing test data in QA/UAT, including expense reports, invoices, receipts and other images will be removed when QA/UAT is refreshed.

Among the features you can test in QA/UAT are

  • Load and run data feeds
  • Test rules
  • Promote changes to admin screens, including adding and editing entities
  • Formatting and editing the Message of the Day

Logging In

1. Using the table below, look up your organization's QA/UAT environment URL based on the URL in your browser's address bar when you are inside the Chrome River app.

If your Chrome River URL is.... Your QA/UAT Environment URL is...

Log in using the same credentials you use to log into your live Chrome River account. If a QA/UAT account has not yet been created for you, contact us via the Chrome River Help Center.

Testing Rules

If you are interested in testing rules in QA/UAT, contact us via the Chrome River Help Desk first to request your organization's rules sheets. These will show you each of your organization's rules, what they do and when they fire.

Email Notifications

All email addresses are scrambled in QA/UAT so that users do not receive notifications when you are testing. If you want to test emails, you will need to replace the scrambled email address on the account you wish to use with a working email.

  • If you are using your own account for testing, note that you cannot save changes to your own Person record. You will need to have another admin change the email address.
  2. Search for the desired user account and click EDIT.
  3. Change the email address to an active one.
  4. Click SAVE.

For more information on editing Person records, see People Admin Screen.

When you are finished testing, replace everything after the @ in the email address with "" to prevent the user from continuing to receive test emails. For more information, see "Is there a way to reset user email addresses in bulk after unscrambling them for testing in the QA/UAT environment?" in the Quick-Start Guide to Data Feeds.

QA/UAT Expense Receipt Email Address

To submit expense receipt images for testing in QA/UAT, use the appropriate email address from the table below.

If your QA Environment URL is... Your Email Address is...

QA/UAT Invoice Email Addresses

To submit invoice cover pages for testing in QA/UAT (via Fax/Scan New Invoice or the invoice-specific cover page), use the appropriate email address from the table below.

If your QA/UAT Environment URL is... Your Email Address is...

To submit a PDF image with no invoice cover page, use the appropriate email address from the table below.

If your QA/UAT Environment URL is... Your Email Address is...

Exports & Feeds

Files exported in the QA/UAT environment are placed on the QA/UAT version of the FTP site. Use the table below to look up the URL.

If your QA/UAT Environment URL is... Your QA/UAT FTP URL is... s s s s
  • Access is via the same FTP username and password used for the Production environment.

This is also where feed files should be placed for processing in your QA/UAT environment.

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