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Add a "View Receipts" Link to Expense Approval Emails

Chrome River EXPENSE customers who opt for HTML-formatted Expense Approval emails have the option of providing a "View Receipts" link at the bottom of each message and, in certain cases, a "View" link on each line item that displays the attached image. This allows approvers to access the receipts associated with an expense through the approval email. See Approve Expenses Via Email for complete details.

Note that each user's email preference must be set to HTML in the People Admin Screen in order to receive an email with this link.

Link to Entire Receipt Pack



2. Select Email Approval Notify Default in the Entity Types list.


3. In the Entities grid, click the blue + button and enter the following information in each field:

  • Name: Include Receipt Link
  • Code: IncludeReceiptLink
  • Extra Data 1: Enter the number of days that the link(s) for the receipts should be active. Valid values (in days) are
  • 1-7 (anywhere in that range)
  • 14
  • 30
  • 60
  • 90
  • 180

A "View Receipts" link will appear at the bottom of every HTML expense approval email. This takes users to the entire receipt pack for that expense report. Once the specified number of days have passed since the email was sent, the approver will no longer be able to view the receipts.

Link to Line-Item Receipt Images Only

For customers with line-item receipts enabled who use the Standard Approval Email With Expense Details email template, using the "Include Receipt Link" entity (see Link to Entire Receipt Pack, above) also adds a VIEW link to any line item that has its own receipt attached.

Clicking VIEW takes users to a PDF of just the image associated with that line item.

Customers who wish to only show these line-item links and not the VIEW RECEIPTS link to the entire receipt pack at the bottom should use the following code on the "Include Receipt Link" entity:

  • Code: IncludeReceiptLink_LineItemOnly

This keeps the VIEW link associated with each line-item on the report that has an image attached but does not place a "View Images" link to the entire receipt pack at the bottom of the email.

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