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Expense Approval Email Templates

Chrome River EXPENSE customers may choose from three HTML templates for Expense Approval emails. These provide variations in formats that are well supported by the majority of email clients. All templates contain the information listed in the "Contents and Options" section below.

Standard Approval Email (Default)

The Standard Approval Email template provides the standard content in a concise and easy-to-read format.

Standard Approval Email With Expense Details

This email template features an Expense Detail section instead of an Expense Summary section to give a more thorough overview of each line item in the expense report. Guest details are embedded under each expense item so that the approver can quickly see the internal and external guests involved. All standard data (e.g., Business Purpose) along with all customer-specific, user-defined data (e.g., “From/To” or “Class”) will be displayed.

Customers with a large number of user-defined fields or expense items on each report should note that this notification could become very long. If users frequently read approval emails on mobile devices, consider placing the Accept and Return buttons and/or instructions at the top of the notification. See Contents and Options, below, for more details. Another option is to exclude user-defined data from the emails. See Configure Expense Approval Email Templates.

Note: VAT information and data from the Receipt Attached, Firm Paid, and Personal checkboxes will not be displayed.

If there are pre-approvals associated with the report, those will be displayed in a Pre-Approval Summary.

Standard Approval Email With Reason For Assignment

This template contains the same content as the Standard Approval Email template, with the addition of the "Reason for Assignment" section. This section displays the routing rule description to help approvers understand why they were assigned for approval.

Standard Approval Email With Header UDA Data

This template contains the same content as the Standard Approval Email template, with the addition of any user-defined data fields that appear on the header of the expense report.

Contents and Options

The following are available in all three email templates.

Prior Approvers

Prior Approvers are listed underneath "Total Expenses" if an expense has been approved by at least one approver in the routing process. The list is ordered with the most recent approver at the top. It includes the date of approval and, if applicable, the name of the user for whom they were working as a delegate.

Reason For Assignment

This section displays the routing rule description for each line item to help approvers understand why they were assigned for approval. If routing rule descriptions are not written in a way that will make them understandable on this email notification, a considerable amount of the customer’s time may be required to work with Implementation to rewrite these descriptions.

Matter On Select Data In Account Summary

Each allocation in the expense report is listed on a separate row in the Account Summary section. Matter On Select data appears under each row as needed.

Guest Details

If an expense report contains internal or external guest details, the approval email will include a summary of all guest information. This provides approvers with a quick breakdown by expense item of all internal and external guests, including such useful data points as total number of guests and cost per person. Guest Details is a separate section in the Standard and Reason for Assignment templates and is embedded under each expense item on the Expense Details template.

Instructions For Approving Or Returning

The information at the bottom of the email notification instructs approvers in the methods for approving or returning expense reports by email. Customers may tailor the instructions (up to 1,000 characters) by following the steps in Configure Expense Approval Email Templates.

Header UDA Details

User-Defined Attribute (UDA) data from the header of an expense report will appear underneath “Total Expenses” in the top portion of the expense approval email.

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