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Rule Messages Admin Screen

Although the Messages Admin Screen gives access to every message in the user interface, the Rule Messages screen allows you to easily create and edit the long and short messages associated with Chrome River's business rules without needing the message key or searching through every message for the desired text. This is also where you may add a URL to an existing Compliance rule message.


2. Select or create a changeset.

A changeset is just a way to make changes to the user interface that can be tracked and easily reversed, if necessary. You may select an existing changeset (e.g., one you've already created containing related changes you'd like to make) or create a new one. See Create and Publish Changesets for complete details.

3. Select the following:

  • Rule Type: Compliance, Submit Compliance or Approval Routing
  • Language

4. Click VIEW.

Add Rule Messages

1. Click ADD MESSAGE to create a new rule message.

2. On the Create Message screen enter the following:

  • Code: The unique code associated with this rule message.
  • Short Description: This acts like a headline.
  • Long Description: This is a description of the rule.

3. By default, the ADD TO ALL LANGUAGES box is checked. If your organization is configured to display multiple languages, this will create the new message in every language file. You may then replace the short and long descriptions with the appropriate translations.

4. Click SAVE.

Clone Rule Messages

Cloning allows you to easily create a new rule message from a copy of an existing one.

1. Hover over the message you wish to copy and click CLONE.

2. Enter a unique code for the message you are creating and click CLONE.

3. The cloned message will appear in the list. Hover over it and click EDIT to customize it.

Edit Rule Messages

1. Hover over the message you wish to change and click EDIT.

2. Enter the desired changes and click SAVE.

Add URLs to Compliance and Submit Compliance Rule Messages

You may add URLs to existing Compliance and Submit Compliance rule messages via the Rule Messages admin. For information on adding URLs to new Compliance and Submit Compliance rules as they are being created, see Business Rules Admin Screen.

1. Hover over the rule message you wish to change and click EDIT.

2. In the Optional section, enter the URL (excluding the "https://" portion) and the label for the button that will hyperlink users to the URL.

3. Click SAVE.

Delete Rule Messages

1. Hover over the message you wish to remove and click DELETE.

2. On the Delete Message confirmation screen, click DELETE.

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