Help Desk System Status Dashboard

Chrome River's System Status Dashboard gives detailed, real-time status information via a color-coded severity indication. This provides at-a-glance information that allows you to make more informed decisions regarding your Chrome River system and whether any action needs to be taken by your team.

Access the System Status Dashboard

Although the System Status Dashboard is public, the URL depends on which instance your organization uses. See Understanding Instances and Environments for more details.

Access Via Chrome River Help Desk

The easiest way to access the System Status Dashboard is via the Chrome River Help Desk, which will automatically direct you to the appropriate URL for your organization's instance. You can then bookmark the page for future access without having to log in to the Chrome River Help Desk first.

1. Log in to the Chrome River Help Desk at (For instructions on logging in, see How to Create a Help Desk Case.)

2. Scroll to the bottom of the Welcome page and click SYSTEM STATUS in the Featured Topics section at the bottom of the homepage.

Dashboard Updates

The goal of this dashboard is to help keep you updated on everything going on at Chrome River. The dashboard provides different types of updates based on the nature of each event and the extent of its impact.

  • Issues: If you notice a Chrome River system issue, simply check this page for a live report of the system status. If an issue has already been flagged, you can see up-to-the-minute status information. If your issue has not been reported there, please create a Help Desk case and we'll get right on it.
  • System Maintenance: The System Status Dashboard is also used to communicate when our next System Maintenance period will occur. When this information is posted, a banner will be displayed underneath the current system status, and subscribers will receive an email notification.

At the top of the page is the system’s uptime percentage. Under the uptime percentage is the current System Status. "Operational" indicates no issues are being experienced.

New Status Dash.png


Hovering over a colored icon will give you additional information about the incident.



You may also access these details by scrolling to the bottom of the page to see the history under Recent Activity.

Incident History.png

Subscribe to Email Notifications

Since the System Status Dashboard does not require a login, anyone in your organization may register to receive emailed updates using the Subscribe button at the top right of the screen.

  • Be sure to subscribe only to your organization’s instance, not to any of the other instances.
  • If your organization needs to whitelist email addresses to ensure delivery to your users, note that these notifications will be sent to you from


Chrome River only sends emailed updates for maintenance and critical issues like users not being able to log in. You will not receive an email for every post on the Chrome River System Status page.

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