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Help Desk System Status Dashboard

Emburse Chrome River's System Status Dashboard gives detailed, real-time status information via a color-coded severity indication. This provides at-a-glance information that allows you to make more informed decisions regarding your Chrome River system and whether any action needs to be taken by your team.

If you notice a Chrome River system issue, simply check this page for a live report of the system status. If an issue has already been flagged, you can see up-to-the-minute status information. If your issue has not been reported there, please create a Help Desk case and we'll get right on it.

Access the System Status Dashboard

1. Log in to the Chrome River Help Desk at (For instructions on logging in, see How to Create a Help Desk Case.)

2. Scroll to the bottom of the Welcome page and click SYSTEM STATUS in the Featured Topics section at the bottom of the homepage.

At the top of the page is the system’s uptime percentage.

Under the uptime percentage is the current System Status. "All Systems are flowing" indicates no issues are being experienced.

Dashboard Updates

The goal of this dashboard is to help keep you updated on everything going on at Chrome River. The dashboard provides different types of updates based on the nature of each event and the extent of its impact.

Here is an example of a Partial Impact affecting Chrome River EXPENSE. Hovering your mouse over the dot will give you additional information about the incident.

While hovering, click on the title of the incident post in the pop-up to view more details on that specific post. This will show you all updates for an incident in one location, in chronological order.

You may also access these details by clicking on the title of the incident post under “Recent Activity” at the bottom of the page. Posts will remain in Recent Activity for seven days after the original post.

System Maintenance

The System Status Dashboard is also used to communicate when our next System Maintenance period will occur. When this information is posted, a banner will be displayed underneath the current system status, and subscribers will receive an email notification.

Email Notifications

There are five types of posts and corresponding email notifications to alert you of updates posted to the dashboard:

  • System Maintenance notifications keep you updated about scheduled system updates, such as system upgrades and monthly maintenance.
  • Information updates are high-level notices that generally are not actionable but add an additional level of transparency about the Chrome River application.
  • Partial Impact notifications will be published when there is partial system disruption.
  • Outage notifications indicate an incident with significant Chrome River impact.
  • Resolution/Operational notifications will alert you when an issue is resolved.

Any user who currently has access to Salesforce as an approved contact has automatically been set up to receive System Maintenance and Information notifications. If you would like to make any adjustments to your approved contacts, please open a case via the Chrome River Help Desk.

To receive Partial Impact, Outage and Resolution/Operational notifications, you must subscribe by following the steps listed below.

If your organization needs to whitelist email addresses to ensure delivery to your users, note that these notifications will be sent to you from

Subscribe to Email Notifications

All users are subscribed to System Maintenance and Information email notifications by default. You must opt in to receive Partial Impact, Outage and Resolution/Operational notifications.

1. Log in to the Help Desk at

2. Click on the SYSTEM STATUS icon in the lower right corner.

3. Click on the SUBSCRIBE button in the upper right corner.

4. Check or uncheck the box under the notification type to subscribe or unsubscribe from that type

5. Please note, it is not possible to unsubscribe from System Maintenance notifications. See FAQs, below, for more information.



Who receives System Maintenance and Information notifications?

All approved Salesforce contacts for your organization are subscribed to System Maintenance and Information notifications by default. This is to ensure that users who are most concerned about maintenance are informed of upcoming and ongoing maintenance windows.

If you or any of your users wish to unsubscribe from these notification types, please submit a case via the Chrome River Help Desk with the name of the user(s) who no longer want to receive System Maintenance and/or Information notifications.

Which browsers are supported?

Why isn’t the System Status Dashboard appearing correctly for me?

If the System Status Dashboard is not loading, you may have third-party cookies disabled in your web browser settings. Please check the following setting:

Chrome Browser

  1. In the Google Chrome browser, click on in the top right and select SETTINGS.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ADVANCED to show more settings.
  4. Click on COOKIES.
  5. Disable “Block third-party cookies.” The toggle should be off, as in the following image.

Microsoft Edge

  1. In Microsoft Edge, click the More menu in the top right, then click on SETTINGS.
  2. Click on COOKIES AND SITE PERMISSIONS in the left nav bar.
  4. Click the BLOCK THIRD-PARTY COOKIES toggle to turn it off.


  1. In the Mozilla Firefox browser, click on in the top right and select OPTIONS.
  2. Click on PRIVACY & SECURITY.
  3. Under Content Block, confirm that "Standard" is selected, as shown in the following image.

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