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Add a "View Images" Link to Purchase Order Approval Emails

Chrome River PURCHASE ORDER customers who opt for HTML-formatted purchase order approval emails have the option of providing a "View Images" link below the ACCEPT and RETURN buttons in each message. This allows approvers to view the images associated with a purchase order through the approval email instead of requiring them to log in to Chrome River PURCHASE ORDER online, further streamlining the approval process.

Note that each user's email preference must be set to HTML in the People Admin Screen in order to receive an email with this link.


2. Use the search box to see if the required entity type "PO Approval Email Template – General" (Code: EmailFormat_POAN) already exists for your organization. If so, skip to Step 5. Otherwise, continue to Step 3.

3. Click the blue + button to the right of "Entity Types" and enter the following:

  • Name: PO Approval Email Template – General
  • Description: Default PO Approval Email Template
  • Code: EmailFormat_POAN
  • Sort Order: Use the Sort Order drop-down to change the order in which this entity type will appear in the list. You may sort by Entity Name, Entity Code or Sort Order.

4. Check Do Not DELETE (from feed), leave the other fields blank, and click SAVE.

For more details on the Languages option, see "Add and Edit Entity Type Languages" in Entities Admin Screen.

5. In the Entities grid in the lower half of the screen, click the blue + button.

6. Add the following entity:

  • Name: Include Image Link
  • Code: IncludeImageLink
  • Extra Data 1: Enter the number of days that the link for the images should be active. Valid values (in days) are
  • 1-7 (anywhere in that range)

  • 14

  • 30

  • 60

  • 90

  • 180

7. Check Do Not DELETE (from feed), leave the other fields blank, and click SAVE.

The "View Images" link will now appear below the ACCEPT and RETURN buttons on every HTML purchase order approval email. Once the specified number of days have passed since the email was sent, the approver will no longer be able to view the images.

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