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Configure Pre-Approval PDF Report Templates

Customers who use Chrome River’s latest Pre-Approval PDF report may customize certain aspects via the Entities Admin Screen.The first step is to create the Pre-Approval PDF Report Template entity type. Then follow the directions below to add the entities required for customization.

Create Pre-Approval PDF Report Template

In order to make modifications to Pre-Approval PDF reports, you will need to create a template entity type. This will allow you to add and customize entities in order to customize the PDF's appearance (see below).



2. Click the blue + button to the right of "Entity Types" and enter the following:

  • Name: PA Sort UDA Entity Type
  • Description: PA Sort UDA Entity Type default
  • Code: PA_SortUDA_EntityType
  • Sort Order: Use the Sort Order drop-down to change the order in which this entity type will appear in the list. You may sort by Entity Name, Entity Code or Sort Order.

3. Check the Do Not Delete (from feed) box, click APPLY in the pop-up box, and then click SAVE.

For more details on the Languages option, see "Add and Edit Entity Type Languages" in Entities Admin Screen.

Sort Pre-Approval Header UDAs

Admins may use entities to sort Header UDAs (user-defined data) on pre-approval PDFs just as they appear in standard pre-approval emails.

1. On the Entities admin screen, use the search box to find the required "PA Sort UDA" entity type. If it does not yet exist, see Create Pre-Approval PDF Report Template, above.

2. On the PA Sort UDA Entity Type preview screen, click the blue + button in the Entities grid in the lower half of the screen.

3. Add the following entity:

  • Name: UDF Order
  • Code: UDF_Order
  • Extra Data 1: List the UDAs in the desired order. Example: AirClass, BookVia, Date_Show

Leave the other fields blank.

Check Do Not DELETE (from feed), click APPLY in the pop-up box, and then click SAVE.

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