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Access Emburse Analytics from Chrome River

Chrome River administrators who are ANALYTICS users also have access to Emburse Analytics, a dashboarding and data visualization tool that makes it easy to build and share reports and dashboards across your organization. Emburse Analytics enables you to gather a wide variety of data to better understand spending dynamics, build custom reports, and organize information more efficiently.

Complete help documentation for Emburse Analytics may be found in the Emburse Analytics Help Center.

Access Emburse Analytics from Chrome River

To access Emburse Analytics from inside Chrome River, click EMBURSE ANAYLTICS in the Menu.

  • Note: Emburse Analytics is not accessible from the Chrome River mobile app.

Emburse Analytics will open in a new browser window.

For complete details on using Emburse Analytics, click here.

Find or Rebuild Legacy Standard Reports in Emburse Analytics

Interested in getting started with Emburse Analytics but don’t know what to do with all your existing reports in Chrome River Reporting? This Emburse Analytics Report Reference Guide shows where the standard reports in the legacy reporting tool can be found or rebuilt in Emburse Analytics, plus new dashboard views of the data for better visibility and insights.

To learn more about building reports in Emburse Analytics and using explores, view our Emburse Analytics Creator Learning Map in the help center.

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