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Help Desk Approved Contacts List

In order to create a case with the Chrome River Help Desk, users must be on the Approved Contacts list for your organization.

  • If an unlisted user attempts to create a case, he or she will be asked to contact the designated individual(s) on your organization's Approved Contacts list who has been assigned the End-User Support role.
  • If no one on the list has been assigned the End-User Support role and there is no response protocol noted on the account, the user will be sent the entire list of approved contacts for your organization.

Add a New User

To create a new approved user, please create a new Help Desk case with the following required information:

  • Name
  • Job Title
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Preferred Service Role(s): A role is not the same as a job title. A role describes how the person uses Chrome River. Choose one or more of the following, depending on how many functions the user fulfills:
  • Account Manager: The user with the Account Manager role is responsible for the day-to-day management of Chrome River. The account manager would want to know about new features and system issues.

  • BA: The user with the Business Analyst (BA) role is often the person submitting cases for rule changes and testing rule updates. The BA role frequently overlaps with the project manager your organization has designated for Chrome River.

  • Director of Finance: The user with the Director of Finance role might be involved in escalations or sometimes submit cases. This person might not be as familiar with all rule setups and decisions.

  • End-User Support: If an unlisted user reaches out directly to Chrome River's Support team, he or she will be guided to contact the approved contact with this role.

  • IT: The user with the IT role manages your organization's feeds and integrations.

  • Other: Use this for a role that doesn’t fit into the other choices. Please use sparingly.

Edit a User

To edit the information for a user, please submit a new Help Desk case.

Remove a User

When a user leaves your organization, it is important to remove his or her service role(s) from the Approved Contacts list, as well as to update the list with the user who is now responsible for the departed employee's role(s). Please submit a new Help Desk case.

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