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Why are we transitioning all Chrome River customers to Emburse Analytics?

Emburse is focused on continuous innovation and has spent the past few years developing new platform solutions to help customers manage their spending more easily. This includes Emburse Analytics, an intuitive analytics solution with real-time dashboards that arm customers with actionable insights for faster, better-informed business decisions.

Emburse Analytics is the future of reporting and analytics for Emburse solutions and is where our development efforts are focused. In order for customers to take advantage of the latest and best Emburse has to offer, we are transitioning customers from legacy reporting functionality to Emburse Analytics.

Which reporting options will no longer be accessible with the migration? 

The standard reports built on the Mercury interface, as well as the legacy standard and ad hoc reports built on the Platinum interface, are all run via WebFocus and will be deprecated with the migration. In Chrome River’s menu, these comprise Reports and Analytics. The remaining options will be Inquiry (available to all users for individual reporting) and Emburse Analytics

The image below shows the current Analytics section of the Chrome River menu and which options are being removed.

Removed Menu Items.png

What timeline do I have for transitioning from WebFocus to Emburse Analytics?

Customers will be migrated from WebFocus-based reporting tools to Emburse Analytics in waves over the next several months. We encourage you to begin identifying your needs and creating your Emburse Analytics reports as soon as possible. Your specific migration deadline was sent to your company’s primary point(s) of contact via email. If you are not sure what your date is, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

What are the reporting/analytics-related offerings provided by Emburse Chrome River?

Chrome River comes with Emburse Analytics, which includes base functionality at no additional cost. Customers can upgrade the platform to Emburse Analytics Pro to access a premium set of features, as well as subscribe to a reporting service called Insight Advisor, which requires a subscription to Analytics Pro.

Will all of the WebFocus standard reports be rebuilt and available in Emburse Analytics?

Our goal is to ensure all of the data found in the standard reports in WebFocus is available to customers in both Emburse Analytics and Emburse Analytics Pro. While not all existing standard reports are being rebuilt 1:1, we offer comparable standard reports in Emburse Analytics with the ability to add additional fields as needed. Please see the Emburse Analytics Report Reference Guide to see how standard Chrome River reports map to standard Emburse Analytics reports.

Will any previously built custom reports be migrated over to Emburse Analytics? 

Any ad hoc/custom reports that your users have created will need to be re-created in Emburse Analytics. However, we recommend that you first review the standard dashboards and reports in Emburse Analytics, which consolidate data that previously required multiple detailed reports to obtain. We also recommend that you take this time to determine which of your ad hoc reports are still needed.

Can someone from Chrome River rebuild my reports for me? 

If you need assistance rebuilding any of your reports, please submit a case under Analytics via the help desk. Our Analytics support team can help answer questions or, for an additional cost, rebuild reports for you. If you have many custom reports to rebuild, need one-on-one training, or require long-term assistance to get familiar with the Emburse Analytics platform, please reach out to your sales representative to discuss the Insight Advisor service.

If you have a custom report that was originally built by the Chrome River analytics or engineering team, please submit a help desk case for scoping and pricing to rebuild the report in Emburse Analytics.

How can I get a list of all of my existing ad hoc reports across the company? 

Please submit a help desk case under Analytics so our reporting team can pull the following information for you:

  • Utilization By Report Name: Lists all reports (standard and ad hoc) with activity in the last year, sorted from most used to least used.
  • Activity By Person: Shows all analytics users with activity, sorted from most active to least active.
  • Scheduled Reports: Shows all active scheduled reports and the report owners.

I don’t see an option for Emburse Analytics in my menu bar. How do I get this added?

If it is not already enabled, please submit a help desk case under Analytics so our reporting team can enable Emburse Analytics for your company.

What is included in each level of access to the Emburse Analytics platform?

Features Emburse Analytics* Emburse Analytics Pro
Permission Level Viewer Creator Viewer Creator
# Licenses Included 100 1 Unlimited 100
View Standard Reports Y Y Y Y
View Standard Dashboards Y Y Y Y
Create/Edit Reports N Y N Y
Create/Edit Dashboards N N N Y
Explores (Reporting Objects) Access N Limited** N Y
Visualization Library Access in Pro Folder N N N Y
Basic Scheduling N Y Y Y
Advanced Scheduling N N N Y
Copy/Move/Delete content N Y N Y
Custom Data Security Options*** N N Y Y

*No option to purchase additional Viewer or Creator licenses; must upgrade to Emburse Analytics Pro for additional licenses.

**Explores are reporting objects, a set of data fields used to build a report. Creators can access most Explores available in Emburse Analytics (and add user-defined fields). The exceptions are combined spend (Expense & Invoice) Explores and viewing normalized data; these require an upgrade to Analytics Pro for full access.

***Customers with existing data security in WebFocus will have their data security requirements reviewed and replicated in Emburse Analytics. New data security requests will only be offered to customers subscribed to Analytics Pro.

Will we lose our scheduling capability if we don’t upgrade to Analytics Pro?

No, basic scheduling capabilities will be included with the single Creator license that comes with Emburse Analytics. However, advanced scheduling features (like bursting) and the ability for all Viewers and Creators to schedule reports will require upgrading to Analytics Pro.

What is bursting?

Bursting and basic scheduling are not the same.  

  • Scheduling a report sends the entirety of a report to all recipients.
  • Bursting is the process of running a report once and then dividing the results among recipients who each view a subset of the data based on defined parameters.

A common bursting scenario is to notify card users of outstanding transactions.  A report containing all outstanding card transactions is run, and each user will receive a report with only their transactions listed.

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