Tactical Report Transition Recommendations

There are many nuanced use cases for all reports. We believe that during the transition from Chrome River Reporting to Emburse Analytics, it is best to take a fresh eye and innovate your organization’s data collection processes.

Use these tactical report recommendations to understand how you can achieve some of the most popular use cases in the most efficient and effective way—which in some cases might include a completely different approach. This is by design. As a rule, we recommend using Emburse Analytics to innovate a true spend-analytics strategy and to use more appropriate tools for those times when bulk data extraction is necessary.

To Transition... We Recommend...
Standard reports Emburse Analytics Report Reference
Reports that are scheduled Scheduling a Report or Dashboard
Reports for receipt packs Image Integration API for EXPENSE
Image Integration API for INVOICE
Reports for exporting bulk exported data for import into other systems

Export Builder OR
Emburse Connect for Analytics

Reports for exporting bulk accrual data for import into other systems Emburse Connect for Analytics

Reports to show admins or approvers outstanding items

Reports to answer questions about volume and productivity of the expense system

Reports to review configuration data for gaps

Custom Admin dashboard to highlight trends, answer common requests for information, and identify anomalies in configuration or workflows.
Reports that export bulk accrual or exported data for various organizational units to report on spend trends and metrics by team, project, BU, etc. Customize a consistent-spend-trend dashboard for all and grant access to stakeholders.
Bursted reports Review the use case first, then identify the true outcome and whether Emburse Analytics is the right tool. If it is, use Emburse Analytics Pro for bursting capability.
Ad hoc or custom reports that were built a long time ago Review the use case to determine if that report is still necessary and what the most effective replacement could be, keeping in mind that an entirely different approach may ensure the best outcome.

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