All Emburse Analytics Transition Resources

Click the links below to learn everything you need to know about transitioning from Chrome River Reporting to Emburse Analytics.

  • How to Transition to Emburse Analytics: Learn which transition strategy is best for your organization and review the three main stages of transition: Discovery, Preparation, and Rollout.

  • Transistion Experience Outline: This detailed outline breaks down each step of the transition from Chrome River Reporting to Emburse Analytics, including considerations and best practices.

  • Transition Strategy Checklist: This checklist will guide you through our recommended transition strategy step by step.

  • Transition FAQ: Answers to frequently asked questions about transitioning from Chrome River Reporting to Emburse Analytics.

  • Tactical Report Transition Recommendations: Use these recommendations to understand how you can achieve some of the most popular use cases in the most efficient and effective way.

  • Report Reference Guide: Learn where the standard reports in the legacy reporting tool can be found or rebuilt in Emburse Analytics and get new dashboard views of the data for better visibility and insights.

  • Emburse Analytics Training: Learn the basics of using Emburse Analytics via quick-start articles and videos.

  • Weekly Open Q&A Sessions: These live sessions, held twice weekly through the end of June 2024, allow customers to speak directly with our experts to ask questions about the Emburse Analytics transistion (e.g., how to accomplish specific tasks or where to find certain fields). Click the links below to add the sessions to your calendar:

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