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Lesson 8: Report On Meal Guests

Create a New Report

  • Right-click on the Expense Analysis (Line Item/Matter) object and select NEW > REPORT.
  • Add the following fields to the report as dimensions (BY):
  • Header (Segment) - Owner (Segment) – Expense Owner (Field)
  • Header (Segment) - LineItem (Segment) – LineItemType (Segment) - Expense (Field)
  • Header (Segment) - LineItem (Segment) – Business Purpose (Field)
  • Header (Segment) - LineItem (Segment) – LINEITEMPEOPLE (Segment) – INTERNALGUEST (field)
  • Header (Segment) - LineItem (Segment) – LINEITEMPEOPLE (Segment) – EXTERNALGUEST (field)
  • Add the following fields to the report as measures (SUM):
  • Header (Segment) - LineItem (Segment) – LINEITEMPEOPLE (Segment) – TOTALINTERNALGUEST (field)
  • Header (Segment) - LineItem (Segment) – LINEITEMPEOPLE (Segment) – TOTALEXTERNALGUEST (field)
  • Header (Segment) - LineItem (Segment) – LINEITEMPEOPLE (Segment) – TOTALPEOPLE (field)
  • Note: Counts the total number of people, including expense owner

  • Header (Segment) - LineItem (Segment) – LINEITEMPEOPLE (Segment) – AVGCOSTCUSTOMER (field)

Create a Filter to Show Only Meal Expenses

  1. Right-click on the Expense field and select Filter Values.
  2. In the Creating a Filtering Condition window, double-click on EQUAL TO and select IN LIST.
  3. Click on VALUE and be sure the Type is CONSTANT.
  4. Click GET VALUES and select ALL. Then add Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner as filter values.
  5. Click OK in the Creating a Filtering Condition window.

Add Line Breaks

  1. Click on the Expense Owner column.
  2. In the Field – Expense Owner tab, in the Break group, click on Line Break.

Save and Run the Report

  1. In the Quick Access Toolbar, click the Save button. Save the report in this location: Content > [Your Company Name] > My Content.
  2. Name the report “Lesson 8 - Printing Measures – Reporting on Meal Guests."
  3. In the Quick Access Toolbar, click the Run button.

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