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Lesson 2: Create a Drill-Down Report

In this lesson, we will be creating a drill-down report for the report created in Lesson 1: Create a Summary Expense Report. In Lesson 1 we created an Expense Summary Report. To view additional information about each individual report, we can create a drill-down report to view additional expense information.

There are two parts in this lesson. First, we will create a drill-down report to show an expense report’s information (report number, expense business purpose, amount). Next, we will link the drill-down report to the report created in Lesson 1.

Part 1 – Create a Drill-Down Report

Create a New Detail Report - Add Dimensions

Open the Expense Analysis (Line Item / Matter) Object.

Add the following dimensions by dragging them to the By section of the Query pane:

  • Header (Segment) - Report Number (field).
  • LineItem (Segment) - LineItemType (Segment) – Expense (field).
  • LineItem (Segment) - Business Purpose (field).

Add a Measure and Subtotal

  1. Add LineItem (segment) – Amount (field) as a Measure (Drop as Sum).
  2. Select the Report Number column.
  3. In the Field – Report Number menu, go to the Break section, select Subtotal.

Add a Filter for Report Number

Right-click Report Number in the Query Pane and select Filter Values.

Create The Filter Prompt

  1. Double-click on < Value > to transform it into a drop-down box.
  2. Click the arrow to see your options, then select PARAMETER in the Type drop-down box.
  3. If desired, you may change the Description for easier readability.
  4. Click OK on the dialog menu bar, then OK on the Create a Filtering Condition window.

Save the Report

  1. In the Quick Access Toolbar, click the Save button.
  2. Save the report in this location: Content > [Your Company Name] > My Content.
  3. Name the report “Lesson 2 – Drill Down Report."
  4. Exit InfoAssist.

Part 2 – Link Drill-Down Report to Lesson 1 Report

In the Analytics Reporting Dashboard, find the report you created in Lesson 1: Create a Summary Expense Report by navigating to CONTENT > [Your Company Name] > MY CONTENT > Lesson 1 – Expense Summary Report. Right-click on Lesson 1 – Expense Summary Report and select EDIT.

Add Report Number as a Hidden Column

  1. Add Header (Segment) - Report ID (field) as dimension.
  2. Right click on the Report ID column and select Visibility > Hide.

Create the Drill-Down Link

  1. Select the Report Name column.
  2. In the Field – Report Name tab, in the Links group, click Hyperlink.

Enter the Drill-Down Procedure

  1. Select Report.
  2. Click the Browse button. Select Lesson 2 – Drill Down Report and click OK.
  3. Click the blue and white ampersand button (&) to enter a parameter.

Enter the Parameter

  1. Enter REPORTID for the Name. It must be formatted (all caps, initial caps, lowercase, etc.) exactly like the Parameter Description created in Step 2 Create The Filter Prompt.
  2. Select Field for the Type.
  3. Choose ReportID for the Value.
  4. Click OK in the Drill Down Parameter window.
  5. Click OK in the Drill Down window.

Run the Report

  1. Save the report by clicking the SAVE button in the Quick Access Toolbar.
  2. Click the RUN button on the Quick Links Toolbar. Note that drill-down links will only work with HTML output, not Excel (xls) output.
  3. In the report, click on a Report Name to run the drill-down report.
  4. The drill-down will open in a new window and display details of the selected expense report.

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