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Track Violations via the Legacy Compliance Dashboard Standard Report

This is a legacy Standard Report about compliance violations that allows users to track frequent compliance violators. The Compliance Dashboard standard report provides at-a-glance display of the number of line-item compliance issues and submit compliance issues in the last 12 months. Clicking on the number of issues in a certain period runs a detailed report (HTML or Excel), including such data as Office, Approval Status, Last Approver, Date, Amount and Notes, depending on the type of compliance issue selected.

  • For details on the dashboards available in our new solution, Emburse Analytics, click here.

1. Click the MENU button in the upper left corner and then click ANALYTICS.

2. In the ANALYTICS Reporting window, click on the Standard Reports tab, then click to display the list of EXPENSE standard reports. Double-click on COMPLIANCE REPORT.

3. The Compliance Dashboard standard report will open.

4. Use the Type drop-down to view either line-item compliance issues or submit-compliance issues.

5. Click on the number of issues for a specific issue in a specific period to run a detailed report. You may choose to display the report in HTML or Excel.

In the example below, the report will show all the compliance violations for expense line items that were older than 90 days in September 2016.

If you select HTML Report, it will open in a new tab.

6. You may also click on the total number of issues to get a report showing all types of line-item or submit-compliance issues for the desired time period, broken down by issue.


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