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Lesson 5: View Expenses by Month

Create a New Report

Right-click on the Expense Analysis (Line Item/Matter) object and select NEW > REPORT.

  • Add the following columns to the report as dimensions (BY):
  • Header (Segment) - Owner (Segment) - Expense Owner (Field)
  • Header (Segment) - LineItem (Segment) - LineItemType (Segment) – Expense (Field)
  • Add the following column as a measure (Sum):
  • Header (Segment) - LineItem (Segment) – LineItem_Matter (Segment) – Amount (Field)

Add an Across Dimension

Add Header (Segment) - LineItem (Segment) - Transaction Month (field) in the Across field container.

Add Row and Column Totals

On the Home tab, in the Report group, select Column Totals and Row Totals.

Create a Date Filter

1. On the Data tab, click on FILTER.

2. Edit the WHERE clause:

  1. Double click on the red text “Double-click or press F2 to edit!
  2. For the <Field> , select Header (Segment) - LineItem (Segment) - Transaction Month (field).
  3. Change “Equal to” to From – To.
  4. Click on < Value > to < Value >. In the pop-up box enter the From and To dates in the format MM/YYYY (e.g. 01/2016).

3. Click OK.

4. Keep the Create a Filtering Condition window open.

Adding a Matter Filter

Advanced filters can be applied to fields that are not on the report.

  1. In the Create a Filtering Condition window, click on New Filter.
  2. Edit the new, second WHERE clause.
  3. Double-click FIELD and select LineItem (Segment) - LineItem_Matter (Segment) - Matter (Segment) – MatterClient (segment) – ClientName (field).
  4. Leave “Equal to” as the condition.
  5. Enter your client’s name as the Constant < Value >.
  6. Click OK twice to close the Filter window.
  7. In the Interactive window you should now only see information from the selected date range.

Create a Sub Header for Each Expense Owner

  1. Select the Expense Owner column.
  2. On the Field – Expense Owner tab, in the Break group, select Subtotal.
  3. On the Field – Expense Owner tab, in the Break group, select Sub Header.
  4. Delete "Enter text here" and drag the Header (segment) – Owner (segment) – Expense Owner (field) onto the Sub Header window.
  5. Keep the Sub Header window open.

Change the Sub Header Background Color

  1. Click on the Background Color button on the Sub Header menu bar.
  2. Enter the hexagonal color codes:
  • Red: 184
  • Green: 204
  • Blue: 228
  1. Click OK in the Color pop-up window.
  2. Click OK in the Sub Header & Sub Footer pop-up window.

Hide the Expense Owner Column

  1. Right-click the Expense Owner column.
  2. Change the Visibility to Hide. The expense owner’s grouping will still be visible.

Eliminate Pennies in the Amount Field

  1. In the Query Design pane, select the Amount field in the Sum field container.
  2. In the Field – Amount tab, in the Format group, click the Decrease Decimal Places button two times. [Alternatively, right click on the column and go to the Edit Format option.]

Create a Report Header and Run the Report

  1. On the Home tab, in the Report group, click the drop-down next to Header & Footer and select Report Header.
  2. Delete the text “Enter text here” and enter Expenses by Month.
  3. Click the Run button on the Quick Links Toolbar.

Save the Report

  1. In the Quick Access Toolbar, click the Save button. Save the report in this location: Content > [Your Company Name] > My Content.
  2. Name the report “Lesson 5 – Expenses by Month."
  3. Exit InfoAssist.

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