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Lesson 1: Create a Summary Expense Report

First, you must access one of the Expense Analysis Objects. (For instructions, see Access the Chrome River Ad Hoc Report Creator.) Click on CONTENT > REPORTING OBJECTS > EXPENSE and choose the Expense Analysis (Line Item / Matter) Object. Right-click and select NEW > REPORT.

Change the View to Structured

In the in the View tab of the Quick Access Toolbar, in the Data Panel group, change the view to Structured to see the available data in a view that matches the database structure.

Add Report Name as a Dimension

In the HEADERLINEITEMMATTER database, go to the Header segment. Add the Report Name field as a dimension (non-numeric or date field). You can drag the field on to the Interactive Design View (1). Or you can drag the field into the Query field container and drop it on the By field container (2).

Add the Owner's Name as a Dimension

Go to the Owner segment. Drag the EXPENSE OWNER field onto the design view or into the Query field container and drop it on the By field container. You can also right-click it and choose SORT.

Add Amount Spent Converted as a Measure

  1. Go to the LineItem segment.
  2. Add the AMOUNT SPENT field to the design view as a measure (Drop as Sum). Since one expense report has multiple line items, the report will automatically sum the measure (numeric field).

Change the Column Titles

  1. Right click the EXPENSE OWNER column.
  2. Select Change Title.

Change the Titles to Owner and Amount

  1. Change EXPENSEOWNER to Owner.
  2. Change AMOUNT SPENT to Amount.

Add a Total

    1. Select the Home tab.
    2. In the Report group, select Column Totals. You may need to click a REPORT button to expand the group.

  1. A column Total will be added at the end of the report for each measure.

Note: If you do not see the column total, you are previewing too many records. To correct this, go to HOME TAB > DESIGN GROUP > RECORDS = 50 OR 100.

Add a Report Title

    1. In the Home tab, under the Report group, click the drop-down next to Header & Footer and select Report Header.

    1. Enter Expense Summary Report in the dialog box and click OK.

Add a Report Footer

  1. Click the drop-down next to Header & Footer and select Report Footer.
  2. You can enter and format your information. Select the pre-formatted text button on the right side to choose from pre-set text. In this example, select a date and click OK.

Sort the Report by Expense Owner

Grab the header of the EXPENSE OWNER field and drag it in front of the Report Name field. This will move the Owner to the left-most column and sort expenses by owner.

Subtotal by Owner

  1. Highlight the Owner column.
  2. On the Field - EXPENSE OWNER tab, in the Break group, select Subtotal.

Run the Report as an HTML Active Report

  1. Go to the Format tab.
  2. In the Output Types group, change the output type to Active Report.
  3. Select Run on the Quick Access Toolbar.
  4. The report will run in a new tab.

Save the Report

This report will be used in the next lesson.

    1. In the Quick Access Toolbar, click the Save button.

  1. Name the report “Lesson 1 - Expense Summary Report."
  2. Save the report in this location: Content > [Your Company Name] > My Content.

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