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Save and Share Legacy Ad Hoc Reports

After you have created a legacy ANALYTICS report, you can save it for easy access later. You can also share your saved report with others in your company.

  • Note that users with Basic permissions may view and run ad hoc reports in the Shared Reports area of the ANALYTICS portal but not save them.
  • For details on saving and sharing reports in our new solution, Emburse Analytics, click here.

Saving Reports

In the HOME tab, select your preferred report output format (e.g., HTML, PDF).

Now click the SAVE button.

In the Save pop-up window, use the menu on the left to select the folder where you would like to save your report.

  • You must save the report in My Content, inside the folder named for your organization, or you will see an error message. However, you may save to any subfolders previously created inside My Content.

Type in the file name and click SAVE.

If desired, you may right-click on the My Content folder and select CHANGE TITLE to change its name.

There are two ways to open a saved report.

1. Simply clicking on it will regenerate the report with current data using the same parameters, filters and fields you originally selected.

2. To change the type of results (e.g., fields, date range, billable vs. nonbillable) right-click on it and select EDIT.

This will open the WebFOCUS InfoAssist tool so you can modify the object in order to customize the resulting report.

Sharing Reports

In the Analytics Reporting window, right-click on the report you would like to share. Select SHARE WITH.

In the pop-up window, you can select from a list of groups set up by your organization or from a list of users. Click the arrows in the middle to add groups or users to the Shared With list, then click OK.

When you return to the Analytics Reporting window, you will see that your report now has an icon that indicates it is shared.

The users you have shared the report with can find it in a folder with your name on it in their Shared Content folders.

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