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Save and Share Legacy Standard & Ad Hoc Reports

Users may save customized legacy standard reports in Chrome River as templates for future use and share them with other users. Users may also quickly run legacy ad hoc reports saved to their My Content folders in the full WebFOCUS portal via the Favorites feature inside Chrome River.

Save Standard Report As A Template

Once you have customized a standard report to your specifications, click the SAVE button in the upper right corner to save it as a template.

Using Saved Standard Report Templates

Once you have created a custom template for a specific reporting object, you will see a new landing page whenever that reporting object is clicked. The page displays all the saved templates for that reporting object, allowing you to re-run a template with a single click, rather than having to re-create the desired set of criteria.

To run the template as-is, click RUN REPORT.

Click the three-dots icon next to the Run Report button for more options:

  • Edit: Modify the template.
  • You may change the name of the template after you click SAVE on the edit screen.
  • Clone: Duplicate the template.
  • Share: Send the template to another user. See below for more details.
  • Add to Favorite: Save the template to the Favorite list. See below for more details.
  • Delete: Remove the template.

To create a new standard report instead of using one of your templates, click CREATE NEW.

Add Standard Report Templates to Favorites

Adding a saved template to a list of favorites allows you to easily find and re-run the report with all the same customization simply by clicking the RUN REPORT button next to the name in the Favorites list.

    • The Favorites list appears at the top of the list of reports in the Standard tab. Click it to view the list of favorite Standard Report templates.

    • Users may favorite a template by clicking the star to the left of its name in the list of saved reports, or by clicking the three dots icon and selecting ADD TO FAVORITES.

Sharing Standard Report Templates

The SHARE button allows a template to be shared with other users, who may then customize their own versions of the template without affecting the original template.

Click the three-dots icon next to the Run Report button for the desired template and then click SHARE.

Begin entering the name of the user, click it when it appears in the list, and then click SHARE.

The user will be able to run and modify a copy of your template without affecting your original template.

Saving Ad Hoc Reports to Favorites

Although ad hoc reports must be saved to users' My Content folders in the full Chrome River ANALYTICS portal, once a report is saved, it will also appear in the Favorites list inside the Chrome River app. This allows you to quickly run the report without having to open the ANALYTICS portal.

1. Follow the Saving Reports instructions to save the desired ad hoc report inside the portal. It will appear in the My Content folder.

2. The next time you wish to run the report, click REPORTS in the left-nav menu of the Chrome River app.

3. Click the AD HOC tab.

4. Click MY REPORTS, find the desired report in the list, and click RUN REPORT.


5. If you have numerous saved reports, you may save some to your Favorites list to make them easier to find. Just click the star next to the report name in the My Reports list.

6. The report will now appear in your Favorites list.

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